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Mane Event Mondays: The hottest hair oils

We’re partnering with some of the hair industry’s top talents to bring you answers to your hair questions. Up today? Celeb stylists Larry Sims and Gerard Caruso are telling us what hair oils are worth our attention!

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Oils seem to be all the rage. Which ones are the best and what will the results be?

Larry and Gerard’s answer!

Since oils are such a hot topic these days, we tapped the advice of two of the industry’s hottest hair stars — Larry Sims and Gerard Caruso — to get the scoop on what oils will help our hair look fab every day!

According to Caruso, oils are major multitaskers and help treat the hair in many ways. “Argan oils such as Rusk Deepshine Oil, Rusk Being Sexy Argan Oil Serum, Moroccanoil or even Kerastase Oleo Relax allow hair to be rehydrated, seal cuticles, restore moisture, add shine and calm frizz.”

Now that we know how much oils can do, let’s find out which ones can help us cure two hair ailments we all hate — dry strands and split ends.

I think we can all admit that we hate dry hair, right? Sims has just the oil to treat and prevent this pesky symptom. “To restore hair’s natural moisture, I suggest using Smooth ‘N Shine Olive & Tea Tree RevivOil Treatment Oil on dry or wet hair. Remember that a little bit will go a long way! For extra moisture, use the product on wet hair and sit under a thermal dryer for 10 minutes.”

Now what about the dreaded split ends? You can use the same treatment oil! “To get rid of unwanted split ends from thermal styling and external weather conditions, while protecting and moisturizing hair, I suggest using Smooth ‘N Shine Olive & Tea Tree RevivOil Treatment Oil. Apply to damp hair before blow drying, and be sure to saturate from root to tip for added moisture and protection.”

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