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A luscious holiday season: LUSH Cosmetics’ top holiday gifts (Review)

Imagine cups of hot chocolate, chewy nougat, creamy vanilla — all in tubs or tubes on your bathtub. That’s what you’ll get once you indulge in LUSH Cosmetics’ holiday offerings. Each one is a perfect surprise for yourself or a lucky recipient. Find out which ones we loved so much.

LUSH Cosmetics was started in the United Kingdom with the goal of bringing natural and hand crafted products to the public. Small batches and the hand crafted and packaged aspect of this immensely eco-friendly company means that you’re getting something truly fresh and one of a kind. Indeed, almost all of LUSH’s products have an expiration date or stamp on them to show they’ve been packaged by hand, and when.

This holiday season, we’re obsessing over how much detail has gone into producing their festive beauty goodies which truly put the fun back into shopping. You don’t have to worry about wrapping, and pretty much everything smells beyond delicious and kitchen made.

See which top five holiday products made our list:


Twilight Lavender Gel ($10 – $28)

Twilight Lavender Gel

Very likely the best soothing shower gel I have ever tried, this one is extremely calming yet unique with scents of purple lavender and tonka beans. The result is a warm, soothing mix that goes perfectly well with soothing holiday music and a hot mug of chocolate waiting for you in the kitchen. It is truly exceptional and worth buying in all three sizes: one for the bathtub, one for your gym bag and one for travel.


North Pole

North Pole

Peppermint and cocoa combine into one lovely pink/white soap that has a chewy texture (you will be tempted to take a bite). It has a sticky cocoa texture and peppermint in the pink part of the soap and is also filled with cedarwood and cypress oils in the white portion. This soap has a gentle, nice frothy lather and is just perfect for the season.


Ruby Red Slippers

Ruby red slippers

This is one absolutely gorgeous bubble bath bar: think shimmery red foam and a swirl of rose and carnation bath bubbles and fragrance. This is the stuff fairy tales are made of and a good memory of summer.




This is a shower gel fit for the holidays and is loaded with a generous helping of real organic red wine (so adults only!). Add to this mixture brandy, cinnamon and clove bud and you have yourself something truly special — a la mulled wine. It’s aptly named Glogg (like eggnog, without the egg), and has just a splash of orange juice to keep your skin glowing. A true winner for those who like their festive comfort food shower gels.


Christmas Candy Box

If you want to gift one prepackaged beautiful box that contains everything the spirit is all about, from fairies to peppermint candy canes, pick this box. It features Rock Star soap that smells of bubble gum, the famous Snow Fairy Shower Gel which blends cotton candy fragrance and iridescent glitter, Candy Mountain Bubble Bars, Bubble Gum Lip Scrub and a Busterball Bath Bomb (vanilla).

Christmas Candy Box

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