8 Holiday style tips from Taylor Jacobson

We caught up with celeb stylist Taylor Jacobson to get the lowdown on what to rock this holiday season and how to avoid an epic New Year’s Eve fashion fail! Because hey, we’ve all been there before, right?

Taylor Jacobson

Taylor Jacobson recently showed off her style chops in a pair of black scalloped shorts with a funky button-up collared tank at the launch party event for the new Foundry boutique in LA. We’re loving the look! What about you?

Keep things conservative for an office party

“I’m a big fan of high-waisted pencil skirts with a tucked in blouse,” declares Jacobson. “They show off your figure without revealing too much. Now if you’re the boss,” she notes, “you can wear whatever you want!”

sparkle heelsSteer clear of head-to-toe sparkle

While Taylor is certainly a firm believer that you can never have too much bling, she is quick to add that decking yourself out in head-to-toe glitz is taking the trend a little too far. For instance, “If you’re wearing a sequin dress, don’t style it with crazy shoes and a sparkly headband,” she warns.

Ask yourself, what would Blair Waldorf wear?

“I know this sounds cheesy, but I was watching Gossip Girl the other night and Blair Waldorf (I like to refer to her as her character’s name, confesses Jacobson) always dresses chic but conservative, so just look to her as far as what to wear around your family for the holidays.”

Pair frumpy Christmas sweaters with skinny jeans

Headed to a tacky sweater party? Taylor suggests pairing your frumpy sweater with something fitted on the bottom, such as skinny jeans or leather pants. If it’s thinner, you can also belt your sweater, she says. “And if all else fails, just drink a lot of Champagne so you completely forget what you’re wearing and think you look really good!” Uh, we can definitely get on board with that last piece of advice.

Do take advantage of being able to dress up

“I love the holiday season because you can actually get dressed up and go out, whether it’s for dinner or whatever, and no one thinks twice,” says Jacobson. In other words, make the most of this time, ladies.

Save some cash by purchasing inexpensive accessories

On a tight budget? “Forever 21, H&M, Aldo and Ann Taylor (although their jewelry is a little more expensive, notes Taylor) are all great places to find affordable accessories, especially for the holiday season.”

Know your venue and dress accordingly

To avoid an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, Jacobson recommends knowing your New Year’s Eve venue and dressing accordingly. “I wore this long, white satin gown with a train and a low back to a club last year,” she recounts. “It had really thin straps and while I was dancing on a banquet [table], one of the straps broke and it just fell down! Luckily, the boyfriend I was with at the time was helping me with wardrobe changes so I had a sequin dress to change into in the car.”

Have fun and remember: Confidence is key!

We asked Taylor to name one festive fashion trend she thinks should die, like immediately. After jokingly telling us that she hates them all (but also not really), she gave us this little nugget of holiday style advice: “Just have fun and wear whatever you want confidently. If it makes you happy, then that’s all that matters.” We couldn’t agree more, Taylor!

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