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What your nail polish color says about your mood

Nail polish isn’t just a fun way to switch up your look or enhance an outfit. The shade you reach for can also say a lot about your mood and your personality. So take a look at your latest mani. The color could be revealing a lot more than you think.

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For more insight, we got in touch with celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards for Kiss Products, Inc. and CND education manager Roxanne Valinoti for their thoughts on nail polish and mood.

Nail polish: The ultimate accessory

First things first — nail polish has become more than a basic beauty item, regardless of mood or personality. “Nail color influences a person’s mood, but today nail color has become such an accessory in fashion, people are selecting colors regardless of mood and more towards the direction of their outfit,” says Edwards. Valinoti agrees. “Nails are the ultimate accessory. Color, shape and length can express your personality and maybe your alter ego!”

Your mani and your mood

So just what does your current nail color say about you? “A person with nail art over their manicure displays a fun personality and is a risk taker,” says Edwards. Taking it one step further, Valinoti notes that nail art (along with bright colors) tell the story of a free spirit who isn’t afraid to experiment and may even embrace change. On the flipside, classic and neutral colors tell a more subdued story. “Classic colors, such as a traditional French manicure or neutral, soft pigments display a conservative side,” explains Edwards. Valinoti believes the same to be true. “A French manicure or sheer nude colors can communicate a more traditional, classic, professional personality.”

Red nails never go out of style, but what do they mean? “Red communicates glamour and sex appeal,” says Valinoti. Similarly, pink is another confident hue. It might not scream sex appeal, but it does show a take-charge attitude, notes Edwards. “Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish in ‘Punch’ is a beautiful bright pink and I find women who wear similar colors are more adventurous, outgoing and approachable,” she explains.

If you’ve opted for a polish in a darker hue, there are a few personalityattributes you could be showing off. “Dark nails are chic, trendy and communicate an edgy personality that appreciates a good challenge,” says Valinoti.

What’s your color?

Edwards shares a few mood-based colors and we’ve picked out some polishes to match.

If you’re sad, go for gray or dark blue.

Nars Nail Polish in Storm Bird ($18) and Orly In the Navy ($8.50)

Our picks: Nars Nail Polish in Storm Bird ($18) and Orly In the Navy ($9)

If you’re angry, try aubergine or black.

nailpolish Purple Revolution Essie Licorice

Our picks: Dior Beauty Nail Bar Purple Revolution ($23) and Essie Licorice ($8)

If you’re happy, polish with pink or turquoise.

nailpolish cake hole turquoise

Our picks: Butter London Cake Hole ($14) and Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Turquoise ($18)

If you’re feeling confused, go with mustard or green.

nailpolish Mustard and British Racing Green

Our picks: Forever 21 Mustard Yellow Nail Polish ($3) and Butter London British Racing Green ($14)

If you’re in love, choose red or solid white.

nailpolish Stop and Stare sugar white

Our picks: Deborah Lippmann Stop and Stare ($16) and Haute Polish Sugar White Gel Nail Polish ($16)

If you’re anxious, opt for sheer white or beige.

nailpolish Like a virgin case study

Our picks: Deborah Lippmann Like a Virgin ($16) and Essie Case Study ($8)

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