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5 Fashions to ask Santa for

‘Tis the season to run around like crazy people and shop, purchase and wrap tokens of our esteem for those on our Christmas list. But what about what we want? Who cares, you ask? Why Santa of course! Jolly St. Nick is happy to oblige your fashion desires. Here are a few ideas meant to inspire…

Sassy lingerie

Sassy pants

In some parts of the country, winter can drone on for months. Gray skies, dirty snow, holiday weight and cold temps can give any gal a case of the fashion screw-its. As anyone with ovaries will tell you, when we wear something sassy underneath all those unflattering winter layers, it makes us feel like a goddess. OK, maybe goddess is a stretch, but it at least makes us feel less frumpy. Ask Santa to put something very skimpy, very beautiful and very expensive under your tree.

Vintage holiday dress

Vintage holiday dress

Ah, for the good ol’ days when dresses were designed with nearly every female figure in mind. These styles gather at every girl’s slimmest point, the waist, and have a conservatively low neckline. Best of all, they balloon out at the butt and thighs. Quite brilliant when you think about it — showcase the skinniest part of our body, put the girls on display in a classy way and give us room to eat whatever the heck we want. This is why if you’ve been a good girl, you should add a darling vintage holiday dress (, $105) to your letter to Santa. You can wear it Christmas day and/or New Year’s Eve, and depending on the style and color, you may be able to rock it again on Valentine’s Day.

Faux fur vest

Faux fur

Faux fur is one of those rare hybrids that is warm and cozy but makes us feel sexy. How many things can you say that about? And no, your flannel pajamas don’t count. There’s also something about faux fur that makes us feel like a warrior princess — taking us back to our cave-gal days when we could conquer any challenge.

Dare we suggest that faux fur brings with it an element of power? Ask Santa for something with faux fur — a cozy jacket, a sweater or if you’re particularly daring, a hat. Our pick? This sassy vest. (, $63)


Wickedly impractical boots

Those of us who live in regions with long winters have to spend our winter boot budget on practical boots. They need to be warm, comfortable and waterproof. These boots don’t really fall into the “hot” column, per se.

Since the sky is the limit with Santa, ask him for a pair of boots (, $56) that are way out of your budget and that will make you feel like a superhero. Having these kicks sitting around will cure the winter blues every time you put them on, and Santa wants you to be happy.


What would winter be without ice? Something that sparkles, like this gorgeous necklace, (, $75) always makes us feel pretty. You know what we’re talking about — like those days you wear your thrashed sweats, get up from the couch only to pee and eat but you have your cubic zirconia earrings in, so you somehow think that makes it OK? Santa would love to get you something you would ordinarily never get yourself. So put a little ice-ice-baby on your Santa wish list and dig out those ratty sweats.

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