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Get Kate Middleton’s new ’70s-inspired hairstyle

Kate Middleton is rocking a new hairstyle to go along with her designer duds. We enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist George Gonzalez to find out how to get the same look at home.

Kate Middleton adopts a new style
Kate Middleton gets bangs

Is it just us, or does Kate Middleton’s new bangs-centric hairstyle look like the style original Charlie’s Angels star Jaclyn Smith rocked in the late ’70s?

The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out with the new style during an appearance at London’s Natural History Museum on Nov. 27. She didn’t get anything too drastic done — the biggest change is the new bangs.

And apparently, she’s not too sold on the new look yet.

“I told her I loved her new hair style,” spectator Joanne Baldwin told the Daily Mail. “She said, ‘I’m not sure about it. It’s a bit windy today.’ I said don’t worry, it looks lovely.'”

It totally does and we love that certain royals aren’t too chicken to try out a new look. And Kate? Hair grows, so you’re not stuck with it forever.

Loving the look? We turned to one of Oprah‘s favorite stylists, George Gonzalez of George the Salon Chicago, to find out how to ask for the same look at the salon.

“Kate’s iconic cascade of curls get a modern update with the addition of a softly sculpted angled fringe that blends perfectly into her long layers,” he told SheKnows.

“The staple of this style is of course the bang,” he added. “The key to re-creating this is having your stylist cut an angled fringe with some of the sections skimming the tip of the nose in order to have the hair long enough to effortlessly sweep the fringe to one side. To soften this otherwise blunt edge when first cut, make sure your stylist ‘chips’ into the hair with the tips of the scissors.”

And to do it at home? Gonzalez gave us a rundown of the steps it takes to get royal-ready hair.

Get the look

  • Apply a leave-in conditioner and use a wide tooth bone comb to detangle, applying a volumizing mousse throughout. Concentrate this on the roots in order to create a style with height that doesn’t lay flat.
  • Blow out hair in 1-2-inch sections (front, sides and nape) using a large boar bristle round brush paired with a thermal protectant to ensure the shine factor is amplified. Gather bangs and pin separately as you will style these later. Twist hair around the round brush and direct heat from the dryer on it for a few seconds. This will help create that loose, cascading effect.
  • Clip each section after the twisting motion is completed in large pin curls and mist with a flexible light hold hairspray.
  • For the bangs: I find styling fringe is easiest when you can start with fresh, damp strands. If they have dried too much so far, take a water bottle and gently mist them with water. Then, take a small round brush and start drying with a cupping action on a high fan setting. As the bangs become drier, start a brushing action on a low fan setting, directing them in the desired angle.
  • Let cool. Take down the rest of your hair to reveal soft curls using your hands to style.
  • Accentuate the loose waves by taking sections and curl with a jumbo curling iron for this iconic royal style. Mist with a light hold hairspray to seal this soft, bouncy style.

Not too difficult! Now, if he could only tell us how to get Kate’s designer wardrobe without the five-figure price tag. Someday

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Do you like Kate Middleton’s new hairstyle, or do you prefer her old ‘do?

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