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Printable holiday pillow boxes

Najwa Kronfel

Add a personal touch to your holiday gifts with this beautiful, unique and fun pillow box everybody will love.

Template included!
Holiday pillow box

Not only is the box simple to put together but it’s also an inexpensive way to give your loved ones a gift this holiday season without emptying your wallet.


  • Glue stick and scissors. Download and print.
  • Copies of the box. I used 8-1/2-by-11-inch cardstock paper.
  • Thicker paper holds and looks much better than regular paper.
  • You can try a different paper color.


Holiday pillow box

Once you have your template, cut out the outlines with the scissors.

Holiday pillow box

Pre-fold the box. This step is important because it will make it a lot easier to put the whole box together.

Holiday pillow box

Glue along the outer flap of the box (on the non-decorative part, the inside of the box). Now simply fold the box in half to close. Wait a few minutes until the glue dries completely.

Once the glue is dry, fold in the flaps on each end of the box. If you pre-folded the box, this step should be very easy. Glue one end of the box closed. The other one can be left unglued. You can just fold it closed and put a little double-sided tape to secure it.


How easy was this? You now have an easy-to-put-together gift box that you can fill with baked goods, jewelry or even clothing. They also make fantastic party favors. I filled my boxes with salted caramels, an easy-to-make recipe you can find here.


If you are making baked goods, candies or other food items to put in the box, make sure they are wrapped in wax paper, plastic wrap or something to absorb oil or grease to avoid stains on the box.

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