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Handmade envelope tutorial

Emily Summers

Why not add a personal touch to your mail this festive season? Create your own scalloped envelopes using vintage sheet music and this simple tutorial.

Good old-fashioned snail-mail has become something of a novelty in this age of emails and instant messaging, so it’s always exciting to receive something hand-written and beautifully presented in the post. Whether you’re sending out Christmas cards, New Year’s invitations or just writing a letter to a loved one, you are guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day with these handmade envelopes.

Handmade envelope tutorial

For this particular set of envelopes, I recycled sheet music. You can easily find this in charity or thrift shops, or try searching online. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your choice of materials; wallpaper samples, holiday gift wrap and old book pages are also effective. Try to find papers that have interesting colors and patterns; you could even use old photos to add a personal touch.

Handmade envelope tutorial


  • 4 sheets of your chosen paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hole-punch
  • Baker’s twine or ribbon

Step 1

Print out the provided template on scrap paper and cut it out.

Handmade envelope


Step 2

Decide which side of your music paper you will have on the front and flip it over. Lay out your template, draw around it with a pencil and cut it out.

Handmade envelope


Step 3

Use the ruler to create a fold along the sides of the envelope as is indicated on the template by the dotted line.

Handmade envelope

To achieve a crisp, flat line, pull the end of the ruler across the fold.

Handmade envelope


Step 4

Choose your top and bottom.

Handmade envelope tutorial

Use the guide marks on the template to mark where your holes will go, then punch through with the hole-punch.

Handmade envelope tutorial


Step 5

This is an optional step, depending on whether you plan to mail your envelopes or not. Apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of the side flaps and press the bottom flap firmly on top.

Handmade envelope tutorial

Handmade envelope tutorial


Step 6

Finally, trim a length of your chosen twine or ribbon, approximately five or six inches long, and thread it through the bottom hole.

Handmade envelope tutorial


Step 7

Once you have filled your envelope with lovely holiday wishes, simply thread the other end of twine through the top hole and neatly tie into a bow.

If you don’t plan to post your envelopes, why not finish with a sprig of holly or mistletoe for that extra festive touch? Your loved ones are sure to be delighted!

Handmade envelope tutorial

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