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Gifts that help you walk a mile in a celebrity’s shoes

When we see celebrities on TV or in print, our minds usually wander off to a world where we are left to drink cocktails and go to parties while outsourcing the daily grind to our hired minions. This holiday season, give your loved ones the gift of excess with affordable gifts that only seem extravagant.

smartphone wristlet

Smartphone wristlet

Most people purchase covers for their smartphones to protect them from the elements. The celebrities among us, however, accessorize smartphones by covering them in python skin and wearing them as a pseudo-handbag. And actually, this smartphone cover from Marc Jacobs is really cute and at least moderately practical. It features leather construction, room to carry credit cards and a handy optional wristlet. Purchase at Nordstrom, and be sure to carry it with the large gold “Marc Jacobs” placard facing to the outside so others will know how awesome you are. (Nordstrom, $98)

Champagne club

Champagne Club membership

We all know celebrities like to pop bottles, so what better way to feel close the the action than with a little bottle popping of your own? A Champagne Club membership ensures that at least once a month you can live like a celebrity while sipping the good stuff. With your membership, two bottles of the finest champagne will arrive at your doorstep as often as once a month, depending on your package. The best part is, your people worked with their people to make the selections for you. No heavy lifting on your part … just like a celebrity. (Champagne Club, $500 and up)

personal assistant

Fancy Hands

A major part of the celebrity fantasy is the opportunity to have a personal assistant to handle the mundane aspects of life. Thanks to Fancy Hands, this fantasy is turning into a reality for ordinary people. Fancy Hands is a cloud-based subscription service that allows users to outsource boring or time-consuming tasks to a remote personal assistant. How often do celebrities have to figure out how to reschedule an appointment with their Ob/Gyn, or how to hire a dog walker, or how to organize a garage sale? What, never? Now you don’t have to either. (Fancy Hands, $25 and up)



Most people can’t afford celebrity hair every day, what with the cost of blow outs and the amount of time it takes to shower. Quality hair extensions, however, are the great equalizer. There was a time when quality hair extensions were not available to the masses, but that time is no more. Jessica Simpson’s line of clip-in hair extensions includes easy-to-use additions for your hair. Plus, they look and feel like real hair and allow users to change looks quickly. (VogueWigs, prices vary)

TMZ Tour

TMZ Tour

Second to walking a mile in a celebrity’s shoes is heckling one from a bus while driving by. For the true celebrity groupie, TMZ offers a bus tour around Hollywood hotspots, complete with a TMZ tour guide map. And if it’s anything like TMZ’s television show, it’s probably hilarious. Stop by for a tour next time you or your loved one is in Hollywood. (TMZ, $49 per adult)

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