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The many lengths of pants and how to wear each

With so many different pants options available for purchase, it’s hard to know which will flatter your body the most and the types of shoes and shirts you should pair with each. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! Check out our tips below to find the right fit for you.

Hot Pants

Hot pants

Have legs that go on for days? While dressy, high-waisted hot pants can definitely be pretty risqué — if worn the right way, they can also be ultra-chic! For winter, we suggest styling them with tights so you’re not freezing your booty off, and make sure to keep your top on the more conservative side. Remember: The key to pulling off this look is showing skin in one place, not all over.



Shorts come in a variety of lengths — some are barely there, whereas others hit close to your knees. Our personal favorite, however, for a night out is a pair of little leather or scalloped lace shorts. Worn with a pretty, long-sleeve silk (or chiffon) blouse and some sky-high pumps, they create the ideal outfit to hit the town in for a night of fun.

Capri Pants

Capri pants

Although these pants are typically reserved for warmer weather, we think a pair of bold, cuffed capri trousers or cute, cropped skinny jeans are great for day looks this time of year. If you’re on the shorter side, wear them with ankle booties or a closed-toe wedge heel, and throw on a neutral button-down blouse and minimal accessories to complete the look. Voila, you’re work-chic!

Ankle Pants

Ankle pants

Similar to capri pants except a bit longer, ankle pants hit exactly where you’d think they hit: right at your ankles, of course. Women with shorter legs tend to shy away from this style, but truthfully, any gal can rock ‘em since it’s more about the shoes you choose than anything else. As a rule of thumb, bear in mind that heels always elongate your legs, so if you’re concerned about looking short or stumpy, don’t don flats. Otherwise, we love oxfords or ballet flats with ankle pants.

Full-length pants

Full-length pants are by far the most common length of pants and literally look fab on every shape and size. For that reason, they can be paired with practically any type of shirt and shoe, giving you endless options when it comes to putting together fashion forward outfits. Do some experimenting to discover which styles complement your legs the most: skinny, straight leg, wide leg or perhaps boot cut?

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Full-Length Pants

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