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Top holiday travel gifts for the jet setting gal

Everyone knows a girl who travels the world, so we’ve rounded up some of the best gifts around for the girl who’s always on the move. Whether she’s traveling by train or plane, near or far, here are our travel gift ideas that she’s sure to love.

Travel gifts under $20

Travel Life Log |

Travel Life Log

For the organized traveler in your life (or the person who needs some help on that front), there’s the Travel Life Log to help plan the next trip. Complete with pages for list-making, observations and general notes, this journal will become part of the trip itself and be a cherished keepsake for years after the trip is over. (Amazon, $12)

Empty Travel bottles |

Empty travel bottles

Regular-sized shampoo and lotion bottles are just too big and bulky for travel. Empty travel bottles are a great gift for any traveler because they are small enough to fit in a carry-on and are even reusable! Fill up these bottles with your favorites shampoos and lotions to take on the go, wherever you go! (Amazon, $6)

Ponds moist towelettes |

Moist towelettes

We all want to look good after a long flight, but one thing is for sure — no one wants to lug around full-size products. Go the easy route with moist towelettes, perfect for when your suitcase real estate is at a premium. The towelette can help you cool off in warmer weather, clean your face and even take off your makeup. Easily slipped into your overnight bag, these versatile wipes will be all you need in your toiletry case. (Amazon, $5)

Mini styler |

A mini-styler

No girl on-the-go’s carry-on is complete without a product to liven jet-lagged hair. It’s a lot for your hair to go through, which is why a traveler should never be without a travel-size styler. It’s small enough to fit into a bag and take on the go, but effective in putting some flair back into your hair. If you’re in a rush and don’t have enough time to style your entire head, use this fabulous tool to make necessary touch ups. (Amazon, $17)

There is more to life than this book |

A good read

Every traveler needs a good book or two to take on the go. “There’s More to Life Than This” is a thought-provoking and insightful read that will keep you reading until the end. If you’ve ever seen the show “Long Island Medium” then you already know a book by Theresa Caputo will be sassy and fun! (Amazon, $15)

LUNA Protein Bars |

LUNA Protein Bars

A girl with places to be needs to keep her energy levels up, so stock your purse with some on-the-go nutrition from LUNA. Luna Protein Bars are under 200 calories each and are affordable, satisfying and get you from point A to point B without the possibility of caving in to candy bars and other unhealthy snacks along the way. Our favorite flavor is the Chocolate Peanut Butter. (Amazon, $14)

Travel gifts under $100 

Pacsafe bag |

Pacsafe bag

Few things are worse than getting pickpocketed when away from home, so protect your valuables with the innovative Citysafe 200 GII Bag. Expertly crafted with anti-theft technology, you’ll foil even the most professional thief with this travel must-have. And check out that chic herringbone pattern! (Amazon, $80)

Traveler umbrella |

Travel-size umbrella

If you’ve destroyed your fair share of umbrellas over the years, look no further. You need something smaller and more efficient that will make it through anything you travel through. They are available in a variety of bright colors, but can withstand harsh winds, heavy rains and anything else Mother Nature sends your way.  (Amazon, $15)

Pandora Suitcase charm

What girl can resist beautiful jewelry during the holidays? Not a single one I know! Dazzle the traveler on your list with a fun travel charm from Pandora. Made of sterling silver, the Pandora Suitcase charm is our pick to add to a Pandora bracelet. Jazz up a bare wrist while getting her in the planning mood for her next jaunt someplace special! (, $40)

Pandora Suitcase charm |

Travel gifts under $200

Tieks flats |

Tieks flats

Comfy shoes are a must, so if your travels have you on your feet all day, make sure your tootsies are treated to a little R&R with versatile ballet flats from Tieks. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, these one-of-a-kind folding ballet flats are made of Italian leather and will last forever. Pop ’em in your purse and go! (, $165)

Scottevest Women's Trench |

Scottevest Women’s Trench

A coat with pockets in all the right places is a travel must for any gal on the move, and Scottevest’s Women’s Trench is just the coat to make your travels hassle-free. With 18 pockets for all your gadgets, expertly crafted right into the coat’s interior, you’ll know where all your things are and breeze right through security. Fashion forward and a frequent traveler’s necessity, this is one trench you won’t ever want to take off. (, $150)

Everpurse phone charger

Remembering to charge your phone is a common travel headache, so make dead batteries a thing of the past with Everpurse. This super cool invention allows you to charge your phone effortlessly without wires in a special compartment in the Everpurse bag. After their hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Everpurse is now ready to take orders and will revolutionize the way you think about charging. Compatible with late model iPhones and a variety of Android smartphones, you can pre-order one now for spring 2013 delivery. (, $189)

Everpurse phone charger |

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