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Real-life laundry: Keeping things together

Preserving a child’s favorite little lovey isn’t always easy — especially when it’s kept by his side each day and night. Just ask Meshelle Bruce, mom to two boys and one very special blanket.

baby under blanket

Truly delicate

Meshelle shared with SheKnows that her youngest son has grown very attached to his favorite blanket.

“My son has a receiving blanket that we actually used when we brought him home from the hospital. I have washed it so many times that it is now almost completely see-through! I have to tie it in knots when I wash it, in fear that it will fall apart. He just will not part with it, so we will wash it into oblivion, I guess!”

Preserving your child’s favorite comfort item

Whether it’s a favorite T-shirt, blanket or teddy bear, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to get your little one’s go-to comfort item fresh and clean while keeping it in one piece.

Washing stuffed animals: Since stuffed animals are often subject to being thrown on the ground, used as a tissue, fed from the table and a number of other messy but fun activities, it’s a good thing to give them a good scrubbing on a pretty frequent basis. Luckily, it is perfectly safe to wash stuffed animals in the washing machine. Avoid washing them with other items, and use a mesh bag to help keep them in good shape for longer. Choose the delicate cycle and use mild detergent and cold water for the best results. Squeeze any excess water from the toys and allow them to air dry.

Keeping that favorite blanket clean: Often a child’s favorite blankie can get pretty dirty and stinky after a wash. If your child sucks on their blanket along with their thumb, then you are probably all-too-familiar with the musty smell that comes with it. When you wash it, use water-diluted bleach to help sanitize the blanket and eliminate the odor.

Getting your kids involved: If your little one is reluctant to hand over his favorite comfort item, try getting him involved in cleaning it. Suggest that your child hand wash their blanket or favorite tee in the sink with a fun anti-bacterial hand soap. Look for soaps that foam in different colors, that smell great and that may even have fun packaging. A little hand soap won’t hurt the garment, and it will get your child involved in the process of keeping it clean. Offer to finish the process by running it through the washing machine.

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