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Cyber Monday survival guide

Get the scoop on how to shop like a pro on Cyber Monday. Stay organized, get the best deals and stick to your budget as you stock up on gifts and essentials without muscling your way through crowds.

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What’s better that saving money? Saving money while you’re still in your pajamas. On Cyber Monday, you can snag holiday shopping deals from the comfort of your home. When faced with so many deals and discounts, it’s easy to go overboard. Shop smart and stick to your budget this Cyber Monday with these savvy shopping tips.

Look for early deals

Cyber Monday starts early on many online retailers’ websites. Click around your favorite shops and sign up for mailing lists to find out about early savings and lightning deals. You may have a crowded inbox for a few days, but it’s worth it to get the inside scoop. Just unsubscribe later to avoid advertising overload.

Stick to a list

Avoid approaching Cyber Monday like a shopping spree. Even with deep discounts, you’re probably making purchases outside of your regular budget. Research in the days prior to the big sales and make a list of must-have purchases. When you start shopping, don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the momentum and make impulse buys.

Use coupons

Visit crowd-sourced savings sites like SlickDeals and RetailMeNot to find out if your favorite shops offer additional deals such as free shipping. In a pinch, do a web search for the retailer you’re visiting, such as “Old Navy coupons.” Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t sign up for scams or give your personal information to any sites you don’t trust.

Ship smart

Be wary of high shipping costs. If you’re paying exorbitant shipping prices, it could cancel out any money you saved by shopping online. Try comparison shopping for items you have your heart set on to make sure another retailer isn’t offering better shipping costs or free shipping. Consider services like Amazon Prime and ShopRunner.

Don’t shop at work

On Cyber Monday, don’t get busted using work hours to snag a gorgeous pair of shoes on sale. Instead, plan on getting up early and doing your shopping before work or before your day’s tasks begin. You’ll feel better about your day and better yet, you’ll be sure to get what you want before supplies run out or doorbuster deals expire.

Prepare for battle

Have your shopping workstation ready the night before Cyber Monday. Prepare a detailed list of exactly what you’re looking for in a spreadsheet on Google Docs or on good old-fashioned paper. Have your credit card ready and make sure your computer’s antivirus software is up to date. When it comes time to shop, all you’ll have left to do is make a nice hot cup of coffee.

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