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Travel-savvy beauty: Look fresh as you fly

As exciting as it is to take a trip, the process can be draining for even the most seasoned travel veteran, and all that time in the air doesn’t usually make for the most glowing complexion.

Woman with bright skin at airport

Let’s face it — flying wreaks havoc on your skin. But it doesn’t have to. We share some simple yet effective ways to keep your skin looking great at altitude.

Flying and your skin

“The biggest problem is dryness, because the air changes inside the cabin,” says Renee Klinc, an American Airlines flight attendant, about the number one enemy to supple skin when flying. “This is the main concern to be aware of and to take care of when you’re traveling.” And Klinc would know. Since her career regularly takes her to 30,000 feet, she understands what air travel can mean to even the smoothest skin.

Before and after you fly

Your travel-savvy skin regimen starts before you even board. Not only will the right routine help keep your skin comfortable, but you’ll look great for the duration of your flight. “I start with using a mild cleanser, and then I use a moisturizer, a skin perfector and 24-hour makeup,” says Klinc. “Whenever I get home or to the hotel, I wash my face and apply a night moisturizer, and I use lip balm for my lips. I also always wash my hands thoroughly after flying.”

While you’re in the air

Whether you’re in the air for three hours or logging multiple hours on an overseas flight, your skin will be affected — but there are ways to minimize dryness and discomfort. “For the face I would recommend using a moisturizer. I also always try not to use any drying soaps or astringents before flying,” advises Klinc. “For your hands and body, I’d recommend using a healthy amount of lotion, preferably one with no scent or perfume.”

Klinc will even apply moisturizer over makeup when her face is extremely dry while flying. “It’s also very important to drink a lot of water. I try to drink one liter of water on a three-hour flight,” she says.

In-flight product picks

We’ve rounded up some helpful hydrating and skin perfecting products to stay gorgeous no matter where you’re going.

In-flight product picks

Tell us: What are your in-flight beauty secrets? Share in the comments below!

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