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Best bakeries in the country for Thanksgiving dessert

Looking for the extraordinary pumpkin pie or Thanksgiving dessert this season? No fear, there are top-notch bakeries all across the nation just waiting for you to pick up one of their pies or goodies — your family will love you for it. SheKnows scoped out the US for the best. Here are our fab four — we hope you’re near one!

Thanksgiving pie

Mission Pie,
San Francisco

I left my heart — and taste buds — in San Francisco’s favorite corner bakery, Mission Pie. This community gathering place is where northern Californians get desserts for their Thanksgiving menu. World-famous and perfect, their seasonal pumpkin pies are definitely something you deserve in this lifetime. Not digging pies? Their variety of sweet desserts and treats won’t disappoint any palate. Their menu is characterized by three things: Handmade pastry, fresh, ripe fruit and celebration of seasonal produce.

Tammie Coe Cakes,

This woman’s magic in the kitchen is legendary. The innovative baker Tammie Coe has been satisfying Southwesterners’ collective sweet tooth for years. Her cupcakes are world-renowned and her sweets are locally treasured. She offers an amazing apple pie for the Thanksgiving holidays topped with caramel whipped cream, but she doesn’t stop there. The creative baker also offers sour cream apple pie, toffee pecan pie, and sweet potato and butterscotch mousse cake. Tammie Coe’s nontraditional cuisine creates a taste your family will be talking about until next Thanksgiving — we promise.

One Girl Cookies,
New York City

Falling leaves, crisp days and the most exciting city in the world. Nothing (and we mean nothing) beats autumn in New York City. It should come as no shock that the city with the best food in the world is also home to one of the best Thanksgiving treats in the world. One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn offers their famous pumpkin whoopie pies, delicious cream cheese-filled pumpkin cookie cakes that New Yorkers look forward to all year long. As a fun alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie or just a fall treat, a visit to One Girl Cookies is a must.

Toni Patisserie and Café,

This is a bakery that knows how to do Thanksgiving. Toni’s Patisserie and Café in the beautiful Chicago has one of the best and most diverse Thanksgiving treat menus in the nation. Go with the pumpkin mascarpone roulade, a light and moist pumpkin cake with rich mascarpone cream and drizzled with sinful cinnamon glaze. This one is perfect for those at your table who prefer cake over pie. But don’t worry, there’s something for everyone on this menu.

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