Anya says: What every woman should know about dressing skinny

Hollywood knows that you can dress yourself to appear thinner with a few simple tricks. Here’s what every woman should know, but no one ever tells you, about slimming your appearance.

Anya Sarre

The skinny on looking skinny

Hollywood knows that you can dress yourself to appear thinner with a few simple tricks. Here’s what every woman should know, but no one ever tells you, about slimming your appearance.

Dressing yourself slimmer is a skill. But once you master it, you have the ability to instantly look a size smaller no matter what the scale says.

Forget about fad diets — the key to looking fabulous is right at home in your own closet. Follow these simple tips and you can instantly feel better and look great. But be prepared — people might ask you what you’ve been doing to look so slim.

needle and threadAnya’s tip #1: Alterations

Celebrities alter everything they wear so their clothes look like they were made for them. When your clothes fit right, you will appear slimmer. Find a tailor in your neighborhood or at a local dry cleaner and take the time to get some of your favorite basics and wardrobe staples altered. If something is too tight, have it taken out. If something is too loose, have it taken in.

Anya’s tip #2: Accessories

Belts, scarves and necklaces are your new best friends. A thin black or metallic belt can cinch in your waist and give you an instant hourglass figure. This will draw focus to your smaller assets.

Wearing long, layered necklaces can act as an illusion and give you a longer silhouette. Also, chunky necklaces or big chunky earrings can be a distraction from your problem areas. A long, loose scarf can streamline your shape and detract from any flaws. Try a bold color or patterned scarf for an extra effect.

Anya’s tip #3: Forget about the number

Don’t look at the size of your clothing because it is only a number! Avoid buying your clothes in the size you wish or hope to be — buy them in the size you really are. When your clothes are a little loose, you appear slimmer. When your clothes are too tight, you appear bigger. My favorite stylist secret is to cut out the tags the second you buy something new. This will help you feel better about your clothing and focus on the look and the fit rather than the silly number.

wear commando thongAnya’s tip #4: Undergarments

If your clothes are a little snug, fix this issue with undergarments. They will smooth your silhouette and take inches away, making your super tight jeans wearable again. Commando underwear is a great undergarment to have in your closet because they eliminate panty lines and create a smooth look. Invest in both light and dark pairs of undergarments and note that when wearing black clothes, you should wear black undergarments. When wearing light colors, wear nude undergarments.

dark scarfAnya’s tip #5: Go beyond black

A common misconception is that black is the only slimming color. Not true! Dark charcoal, navy and deep purple serve the same purpose. It’s all about dressing in the same color from head to toe to get that monochromatic, slim look.

Anya’s tip #6: Determine your body shape

Quick tip: V-necks are the most slimming neckline, so invest in a deep V.

To look your best in your clothes, choose pieces that are the most flattering for your shape and figure. If you’re pear-shaped or bigger on the bottom, a skirt will be a lot more flattering than pants. If you’re bigger on top, wear a flowy or looser fitting blouse.

Anya’s tip #7: Layer, layer, layer!

It’s a myth that layering makes you look bigger! In reality, it can make you look slimmer if done properly. Layer tank tops with the darkest color on the bottom and a long cardigan or wrap sweater on top. A long cardigan that hits below the hip is much more flattering than a short cardigan that will cut you in half. Tops are most flattering when they hit right below the waist, so if you have a top that’s shorter, be sure to put a long cami under it. You can even layer when wearing a dress by adding a shrug or cropped jacket.

Michael Kors York PlatformAnya’s tip #8: Make a deal with heels

Wearing heels is always better when given the option because they always make your legs look longer and slimmer. A nude peep toe heel (Shown left: Michael Kors York Platform) is essential because it blends in with your skin tone and instantly makes your legs look longer. If you can’t wear heels, try a kitten heel or a wedge. Any height will make you appear slimmer.

No need to starve yourself when you can easily alter your wardrobe to look and feel slim. The biggest slimming secret is confidence. If you feel good in your clothes, you’re going to look good to everyone around you.

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