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How to look hot despite being bundled up

Winter wardrobes are a mixed blessing. Sure they may camouflage the extra 10 pounds we gained during the holiday feeding frenzy, but all those layers can start to make us look like a Sumo wrestler if we’re not careful. So how does a fashion forward gal stay warm on the inside but still look smokin’ hot on the outside? Behold, the age old secrets of looking hot in winter…

Red shirt

Red hot

Color is so important in the winter — because we lose all of ours! Think vibrant, warm colors like rich brown, deep orange and of course, fiery red!

Red is synonymous with hot, so it’d be hard to look average when wearing a sweater in a hot hue like this one (, $22). It will bring out the color in your face, resurrecting your pre-middle-of-winter complexion.


Hats are hot

Winter fashion is about creating a focal point that pulls the eye away from the multiple layers that make you resemble a Yeti. Hats are a fun way to do this… but think sexy, not goofy or cutesy. Choose a color that makes your eyes really stand out, like this hat does (, $40). One final hat rule: Do not, no matter how many times you see girls doing this, buy a furry hat with furry flaps that go over your ears. You will resemble Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The hat is supposed to help you look hot, not like a hot mess.


Scarf up

Scarves are a dicey accessory because if you aren’t careful, they can make you look like your grandmother at a church potluck. There’s a cool way to wear scarves that will make you look hot. You just have to be mindful of fabric, design and texture. For example, leave the silk scarves with anchors all over them to your daughter’s third grade teacher. What you want is a light fabric or a delicately knitted or crocheted accessory.

Look for unique patterns in fabric scarves, but not overly busy designs. Fringe or unfinished edges should be delicate and interesting. Avoid bulk. And your neck can be a very sexy part of your body, so in the winter months, don’t be afraid to let a little of it peek out. (, $31)



Boots are probably winter’s sexiest accessory. Even boot makers like Sorel have departed drastically from their classic Caribou boot to offer warm, practical boots that are sexy in a more outdoorsy kind of way.

Practical boots aside, boots come in countless designs. It’s hard to mess up this look, so go for something that complements your winter wardrobe while sassing it up. Just remember not to slap guys who say, “Nice boots.” They are talking about your footwear! (, $43)

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