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Cyber Monday tech-savvy tips and tricks

Since Black Friday’s premiere in the 1960s, times have really changed. You can forget about cutting your Thanksgiving dinner short, waking up at the crack of dawn, camping out in the freezing cold, standing in long lines and fighting the crowds to get to the doorbuster deals. With the Internet revolution, online shopping and digital coupons, you now get access to an abundance of deals at the click of a mouse.

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Use digital coupons

When you get to the checkout page, don’t skip over the promotional code box. You can take your discounts from 50 percent to 70 percent off simply by finding a code on websites like PromotionalCodes, CouponPal, Retailmenot, and CouponCabin. Updated by the minute, these sites feature deals from major retailers like Macy’s, Walmart, Best Buy, Charlotte Russe and thousands more. With their easy-to-use search bars, it will take you less than a minute to find a coupon for your purchase. You can either run a search by store name or go through a list of categories to compare discounts from other retailers.

Sign up & sweep

It’s a little sneaky, but boy, does it work! Retailers love giving away online discounts in exchange for email addresses, and here’s your chance to play on their weakness and get exclusive loyalty program deals without the commitment. You’ll see the ads to “sign up for our mailing list and get [X] percent off.” Don’t hesitate! Signing up for your favorite retailer’s mailing lists and unsubscribing after you get the discount is one of the tricks that extreme savers use to get bottom-of-the-barrel prices. Now let’s say you go wild and crazy and sign up to hundreds of mailing lists. Have no fear, the Swizzle sweeper is here. This site is a fast way to reduce the email overload without going through a slew of newsletters to get to the unsubscribe buttons. goes through the junk mail for you and will give you a report of all the newsletters you are subscribed to with button options to keep or get rid of.

Get cash back

If you’re going to be paying with credit cards, get the right one. Visit to compare interest rates, annual fees, reward points and cash-back options. Depending on your credit score and desired perks, you can easily navigate their deals to get the perfect card. Discover is running a promotion for a 5 percent cash-back bonus on up to $1,500 in purchases at department stores and on all online shopping through December and signup is free. With the Chase Freedom card you can get 5 percent cash back every three months on categories like gas stations, restaurants and more, unlimited 1 percent cash back on all other purchases, no annual fee and rewards that don’t expire. Paying high interest rates without cash rewards may leave you paying more for the item than you should. Make sure to review your credit card statements and find better cards with bigger incentives.

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