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Gifts for the app-obsessed

If you’re shopping for any app-addicted loved ones, look no further than their smart phones or tablets for a little gift-inspiration. Load them up with our favorite apps to keep them safe, organized, and in the know.

Nio – The Unforgettable Accessory

How many times have you gone through your house, purse or car in search of your phone? With the Nio, you never have to spend another second frantically searching for your device. Simply connect the Nio tag with any Apple product using Bluetooth and when you have misplaced an electronic device, push the locater button to find it. With the Nio tag, you can use any of the nine Bluenio apps to keep track of yor devices. A few Nioapps locate (NioLocate), track (NioTracking), or secure personal information (NioSafe) with an audible and sensory alarm. Be in control of every (Amazon, $65)

Coyote Case

Setting up your Coyote Case is simple. First, put the case on your phone and install the Coyote Case app available through the Apple App Store. Once the app is installed, create a list of your emergency contacts and choose a message you want to send when the alarm is triggered. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone and as long as your phone is on, the Coyote Case app is in standby waiting for your trigger. On the back of the case is the 110dB piezo alarm surrounded by two switches and the alarm trigger. The top switch is an On/Off switch. The bottom switch selects your alarm mode. You can choose from Alarm + SMS, Alarm w/o SMS, and just SMS (silent alarm). When you find yourself in distress or danger, simply squeeze the two trigger buttons on the side to activate the alarm. (Coyote Case, $99)

Juice Defender

Use the Juice Defender to keep 4G LTE, WiFi and running apps from draining your battery. This intelligent Android app is designed to extend battery life. You can either customize the toggle task manager or keep the default settings, but you will notice how long your battery lasts. With over 7 million downloads, it’s clear that all Androids, especially the HTC One X, Galaxy Note 3 and Nexus 5 will benefit from this clever application.


You know that feeling of frustration you get when you hear a song but can’t think of the title? Never feel that way again with the SoundHound. This app will recognize and tell you the name of any song playing on the radio in a matter of seconds. It can even identify a song you hum or sing! Best of all, there is a SoundHound app for every phone on the market. Stay in the know with the ultimate music search and discovery app.

avast! Mobile Security

It’s hard to believe someone can hack into your Smartphone and access your personal information, but it is definitely possible. Protect your Android personal devices with avast! Mobile Security. The PC security system has expanded to keep your information safe with anti-virus and anti-theft services. You can also filter incoming calls and text messages, monitor data usage, and track your phone if it’s lost or stolen.


With this application, organizing and syncing files is simple and straightforward. Dropbox instantly uploads documents and various forms of media, allowing you to edit, share or store on any device. To protect your files, a passcode option is available. There is also a Dropbox Business app that lets a team access their files from any computer, phone, or tablet.

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