How to curl pin straight hair

If you have curly hair, you want straight hair. On the contrary, if you have straight hair, you will do anything you can to make your hair curly. Isn’t that the way it always works? The right products and tools will help even the straightest haired gals achieve long-lasting, beautiful curls.

Woman with curled hair

Brocato Swell VolumeRealize that your curls start with the right shampoo

It all starts with a great body-building shampoo to get your hair prepped for great curls. I recommend Brocato Swell Volume. A volumizing shampoo gives your hair a boost where you need it most: at the root. Volumized tresses will set the stage for big, bouncy curls that last through the day.

Kenra’s Volume Mousse 17Discover the magic of mousse

Next, you’ll need a serious product to give your hair a firm hold while leaving it touchable and soft. Is there such a product? Yes! Mousse is perfect to prep your tresses for curling action. Kenra’s Volume Mousse 17 is a great pre-blow dry product that will give you all-day hold and style support while keeping your volume, body and shine. I always let my hair air dry for a bit so my hair can really absorb the product. Blow dry upside down to add volume!

Convert to clipless

When it’s time to get down to curling business, try a clipless curling wand. It gives you a salon heat level of 410 degrees, allowing hair to heat up for curling and to cool off, really solidifying its shape. My pin straight hair held a curl all day (and even overnight!) when I used this type of curling wand.

Kenra Platinum Finishing Spray 26.Put on the finishing touches

Finish your fresh curls off with Kenra Platinum Finishing Spray 26. I really like what this does for my curls. It doesn’t weigh my hair down the way other finishing sprays do and best of all, it keeps my curls looking good all day.

BUT… don’t forget to appreciate your straight side

Curling your pin straight hair can be challenging, but it ultimately really does look great. Straight hair is beautiful, too. Don’t forget to embrace yours! Many women pay big bucks to have their hair professionally straightened. We were lucky enough to get it in our genes!

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