3 Chic Twilight-inspired outfits for the Breaking Dawn premiere

The moment Twihards have been dreading since they picked up the first novel is finally here — the end. You might be planning to be one of dozens dressed up as the gothic-esque Volturi or an overly vamped Bella, but why not stand out with a less is more Twilight outfit? There are plenty of chic (yes, chic!) and low-key ways to channel your obsession for Twilight and its actors.

Classy Volturi

Instead of going gothic-inspired with the long cape to achieve the Volturi look, go subtle and believable with a touch of sexy. The Volturi family is dangerous, mysterious, and above all, their looks aim to kill. Their presence is always unexpected and unwarranted. From a distance, you should appear to be gorgeous and elegantly dressed, but up close, people will be dangerously impressed.

Twilight -- Classy Volturi inspired outfit

Where wolf?

Twilight isn’t complete without the gorgeous Jacob Black (AKA Taylor Hawt-ner) and his character’s werewolf subculture, but who wants to dress up like a werewolf? Face it, it’s hard to show you’re team Jacob when you can’t look chic in the process — that is until now. Here is how to achieve the Twilight series’ werewolf look while remaining fashionable and posh.

Twilight -- Wolf inspired outfit

  • Embrace the current faux fur trends and invest in a faux fur jacket — they are in right now and can be recycled in future looks outside the movie premiere.
  • Pair your fur over a black shirt and leggings/dark jeans — keep your look slim and agile looking.
  • Don’t forget the Indian spiritual element. Add some fashionable hair feathers to your hair and wear dreamcatcher-inspired earrings.
  • For shoes, aim for faux snake-skin pumps to get that Indian tribal touch. Pump up your confidence and get your wolf on — if Jacob were there, he would want to date you (maybe).

Beautiful Bella

The second half of Breaking Dawn is when Bella transitions into a sultry and flawlessly gorgeous vampire. Time to put those sneakers, sweater and jeans to the side and vamp yourself up to the max if you want to achieve Bella’s stunning new look. Here is how you do it.

Bella inspired outfit

  • Wear a medium to long fitted dress and heels that accentuate your figure and make you feel powerful and in command of your beauty.
  • If you’re brunette, simply deep condition your hair and add some light curls. If your hair is blonde, invest in a glossy wig or stick to your natural color — beauty comes in both colors in the vampire world.
  • Be sure to pay attention to every detail of yourself — from scent to eyebrows — and try best to achieve that “no hair out of place” demeanor.
  • Wear a tinted foundation a few shades lighter than your own for that “pale face” but vibrant look.
  • Go online and order Bella’s replica wedding ring and colored contacts for accessories — they are surprisingly inexpensive and bring you to Bella’s level.

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