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Great gadgets for the home chef

With the kitchen gadget scene constantly changing, the cooking enthusiasts on our lists are some of the most interesting to shop for. Home chefs are like kitchen scientists, and scientists need new and innovative gadgets in order to make any progress. The smile and joy they get when opening up their latest cooking ally is one to be celebrated every Christmas. Here are four great gadgets for the home chefs on your list (and maybe a couple for yourself along the way).


Whisked away

Spice up your favorite homer cooker’s life with a new and modernistic whisk. There are a variety of options that depart from the traditional metal wire whisk that make cooking even more entertaining — and a little easier for cleaning up the storm left behind. Silicone whisks come in a variety of colors and are not only easy to clean, but they add a little life to your everyday baking and cooking.


New thermometer

Technology has officially, and I mean really officially, made its way into the kitchen. Whether the cook on your list is still using a toothpick, fork or a decade-old thermometer to tell if their meat is ready, it’s time for an update. Invest in a digital gadget that will simplify cooking meat for years. There are even a few electronic thermometers that send data to an app on your phone that alerts you once your meat is cooked — yes, get creative and technological!



We see iPads and tablets everywhere and doing everything — scanner, menus, computers, books, credit card swiper. It should be no surprise that iPads are now the most popular way to store and view recipes. Having so much practicality and portability in the kitchen, designers and accessory makers have begun releasing iPad docks and holders that can fit into any kitchenscape. The cook on your list will appreciate the designated space for their tablet and the extra touch of organization.

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App-activated coffee

When we wake up in the morning we usually grab our smart phones, check our email, tweet, socialize, etc. Now there are a variety of coffee makers that allow you to activate your coffee machine via special app from your bed. The cooks on your list not only need energy to prepare family meals, but also to get through their workday. Simply put, this is everyone’s dream — especially for the home chef.

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