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Risky pics and nasty tweets? How to clean up your online reputation.

Did you hit “send” a second too soon? Did your lingerie show for two end up on YouTube? Here is the solution to cleaning up your online reputation.

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In today’s world of faster-than-the-speed-of-light social media, every step we take and every key we press can be recorded. Maybe you had an extra glass of wine and tweeted out a photo that would have been better off deleted, or you emailed your boss instead of your best friend. There is a new online service called Reputation Changer that can help you go from risque to riding the straight and narrow before you can dictate your public apology.

Cliff Stein, CEO of, tells us more about how we can save ourselves from social media demise:

SheKnows: What made you decide to create

Cliff Stein: My colleagues and I were not always reputation management professionals; many of us got our start in the world of direct response online marketing. What we learned, throughout that experience, was that the online community is a cutthroat place, and as soon as you accrue any kind of success, your rivals are going to start coming after you, defaming you and dragging your good name through the mud.

And that’s not only a problem for online marketers. Businesses and individuals from all industries and all communities can find their reputations impugned, through negative reviews, consumer complaints or simple acts of defamation. And the results of that can prove devastating.

But back to our own story: After we began to develop the strategies and tools necessary for countering negative publicity and online defamation, we realized that this was something with widespread appeal. We created with the desire of sharing those tools and strategies with others and helping businesses and individuals to take control of their online image.

ReputationChanger.comSheKnows: What do you feel are the most beneficial features of the service?

Cliff Stein: Reputation Changer’s campaigns are truly complex and multifaceted — the better to serve our clients. We have a Strategy Team that works directly with the client and formulates a customized approach to reputation defense. There is nothing cookie-cutter here; we find out what you want your online reputation to be, and we try to make it happen as promptly and effectively as possible.

On that same note, we have both highly effective backend technology, but also a control panel through which clients can monitor the progress of their campaign and also ensure that the content we create for them meets their approval. The client is always in the driver’s seat here.

Reputation Changer leads the reputation defense industry in its access to diverse media outlets, meaning we can get the story about your company out there in front of the general public. Finally, we only use reputable, Google-approved strategies — nothing that is going to backfire or be seen as duplicitous or deceptive. This emphasis on “White Hat SEO” makes us fairly unique within this space.

SheKnows: How easy is it to use?

Cliff Stein: Our desire is to make this process very hands-off for the client, by which we mean only that we want to fix your reputation for you. We do the work on your behalf. With that said, we do offer a backend control panel that gives users total control over their campaign. It is not at all difficult to use, and no particular level of technological acumen is needed. The control panel simply allows users to monitor their campaign, see the kinds of progress being made and approve of the content we create on their behalf.

SheKnows: Can you give us an example of a specific situation that Reputation Changer can help resolve?

Cliff Stein: Sure. Any company that has been beset with bad reviews can come to us for assistance. Online reviews can ruin a brand’s chances of success, and, in many cases, those reviews are actually fake, planted by rival companies or disgruntled employees. We can help companies to suppress negative reviews and ensure that the reviews people see are the positive, honest ones.

We can also help companies to recover from the damage done by bad publicity of acts of online defamation. The list goes on and on. We can also help individuals to regain their reputation after being saddled with embarrassing Facebook photos or perhaps an online arrest record.

The bottom line is that our passion is to give people and businesses the final say in how they are presented on the internet.

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