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Fragrance gifts for her

Perfume is a no-brainer gift for the holidays. This season, however, don’t just pick any old fragrance at random; take the time to put some serious thought into your present instead. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Organic perfume

The Health Nut

Health nuts typically dig anything and everything organic, so your best bet gift wise is to go with a fragrance that’s all natural, eco-friendly and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that may cause her allergies to flare up or give her headaches. Believe it or not, there are a ton of great organic options on the market today; do your homework and find out what scents she’s drawn to, then shop around.

Vanilla perfume

The Sweets Lover

Whether you’re trying to be ironic or not, a delectable fragrance that ever so slightly reminds your BFF of her favorite dessert is a wonderful idea. For example, if she’s a huge fan of vanilla cake, why not get her a perfume that features vanilla notes? If she’s a candy apple lover, buy her a fruity fragrance that smells yummy enough to eat. After all, this is one gift she can finally inhale without consuming a bunch of calories!

Jasmin perfume

The Outdoors Girl

The outdoors girl is perhaps one of the easiest women on your list to shop for. When picking a perfume for her, think flirty floral fragrances like rose, jasmine and carnation, woodsy scents with notes of sandalwood, amber or cedar and body sprays that evoke the smell of a warm summer day by the beach (you know, if that’s her thing).

Perfume bottle

The Stylista

Forget the scent when it comes to the fashionista! Okay, not altogether, but what we really mean is, focus on the packaging and shape of the perfume bottle you purchase if you truly want to impress her. For instance, in the past, we’ve come across fragrances shaped as high heels, necklaces and even wrapped up in chic little sequin pouches that double as spare change holders. How cute, right!?

The Jetsetter

For the frequent flier in your life, look for a fab fragrance that’s actually inspired by the destination she enjoys visiting the most. For example, if she went to Bali last year and totally fell head over heels, seek out a tropical, fruity, floral scent that will transport her back to that very special place in time. A quick Google search that includes the name of the destination followed by “perfume” or “fragrance” should yield a bevy of results.

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Tropical perfume

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