DIY sunset nail design for fall

The colors of fall always remind me of the beautiful sunsets that complement the colors of the falling leaves. So, here’s how you can turn fall scenery into nail art. Follow these five quick steps to take your normal polish to the next level.

DIY Sunset nail design

DIY sunset nail design


  • White polish
  • Orange polish
  • Yellow polish
  • Black nail pen
  • Thin, flat nail brush
  • Sponge
  • Top coat
  • Polish remover



Paint all of your nails completely white, allowing them to dry all the way before moving on to the next step.

DIY Sunset nail design


Take the orange polish, pour some out onto a paper towel or plate, and dab the sponge tip into the orange. Then, lightly blot your nail so that the color is dispersed evenly, and let it dry.

DIY Sunset nail design


Then, take the yellow polish, pour some onto the paper towel or plate, and dab the other tip of the sponge in the color. Then, repeat the blotting technique on top of the orange polish, giving it that sunset look, and let it dry completely.

DIY Sunset nail design

DIY Sunset nail design


After your nails are dry, use the nail pen to draw a tree on each nail. This may be hard depending on the length of the nail, so try your best to limit the stems of the branches on your smaller nails.

DIY Sunset nail design


Apply the top coat and let it dry completely.

DIY Sunset nail design

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