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Light-hearted gifts for the business buff

If you haven’t seen the cult classic Office Space, and your honey is a desk-jockey, rent it now. It will give you all kinds of inspiration for the workaholic in your home. Here are a few ideas that will make your guy’s day at the office a little brighter…


A vacation!

What your business buff needs is a break! A break from bad coffee, annoying bosses, ringing telephones and a relentless inbox. You can execute this idea in one of two ways — an elaborate getaway or just a weekend retreat. If your budget is small, remember that just getting a night in a nice hotel with a jetted tub after eating at a gourmet restaurant feels like a vacation. Any break from the norm will be a welcome one. So grab your passport, or just drive into the city. Either way your fledgling CEO will appreciate the down time. (Online travel sites everywhere, prices vary)


Funny posters

Working in an office or cubicle can get monotonous and make people want to jump out of their 10-story window some days. The only way to combat these feelings is to find things to laugh about. Why do you think YouTube is such a big hit? You can accomplish a much-needed comedic break from your love’s work-a-day routine by wrapping up items, like funny posters, that will make them giggle throughout the day. Anything from The Office’s Dwight Schrute should do quite nicely. (Amazon , $13)


Framed pictures

Before we get off the office decor train, consider getting your workaholic framed photos to display in their office. You can frame pictures of yourself or the two of you, but if you really want to score a home run with this idea, frame a picture of them doing something they love. Displaying that picture of her at the spa last summer or of him with that record-sized salmon he caught in Alaska last year serves as a reminder of why they work as hard as they do. It also will give them bragging rights to their envious co-workers. Places like T.J.Maxx are the ideal place to find beautiful, unique frames at incredibly reasonable prices. (T.J.Maxx, prices vary)



A coffee mug may seem like an uninspired gift, but only if you’re not using your imagination (or the internet). You can find a mug from your sweetie’s favorite movie, with their favorite saying or you can have a picture of the kids imprinted on one. They have to drink coffee every day, right? Look how much Michael from The Office loves his “World’s Best Boss” mug — which we have to assume he bought for himself. (Zazzle, $14)

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