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Guy gifts for a man who likes to get his hands dirty

Some men have better manicured nails than we do, some have a perpetual layer of grime on their hands. If your guy falls into the second category, he tends to be a man’s man who doesn’t let a little filth stop him from getting the job done. Truth be told, he likes it. Here are gifts sure to bring a smile to his face this holiday season.

car cleaning kit

Car cleaning kit

It may seem a contradiction to get a cleaning gift for your dirty guy, but don’t let this idea confuse you. Many grimy guys like to tinker with cars, and their wheels are their pride and joy. After he gets done working under the hood, he wants to make sure the inside of the car will impress the other guys who come into the garage on Saturday. (Warning: It’s important that your honey doesn’t mistake this for an offer for you to detail the inside of his rig. (Amazon, $44)

Garden Tools

Some boys just never outgrow playing in the mud, and they use the backyard garden as an excuse to make mud-pies as an adult. If you live in a mild climate and your guy likes to get organic, consider buying him some gardening tools so he can use that time for good. Instead of destroying your flower beds to make mud-pies, he’ll maintain the flower bed for you! (Amazon, $39)

Tool Kit

Any handyman knows that in order to fix it and fix it right, your need the right tools to get the job done. Get your guy this tool kit, equipped with over 90 pieces to choose from, and he’ll have every tool he’ll need to fix just about anything! Hopefully he’ll thank you by fixing that closet shelf that seems to never sit straight! (Amazon, $56)

workout equiptment

Work out equipment

Guys who aren’t afraid of dirt usually aren’t afraid to sweat either. You can take this idea in a number of directions — you can get him an expensive basketball to hit the courts with on the weekend with his buddies, you can get him weight-lifting equipment or active wear. This gift says you support his guy hobbies and you’re OK with the time he spends working up a sweat. (Amazon, $33)

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