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Holiday home improvement: Projects for the season

The flights have been booked and there’s no turning back — your home is the host for this year’s holiday festivities. The feeling can be overwhelming, but a few holiday-inspired projects will get your home in tip-top shape. We’ve got the inside scoop on easy home improvement projects for the areas guests use most.

The kitchen

Throughout the holidays, you put your kitchen through the ringer. Why not show it some love this year by adding a touch of glam? Get more function out of your kitchen by upgrading to streamlined appliances. Most modern options improve the efficiency of your workspace, making it easier to impress your guests with your famous pumpkin pie.

Don’t let your recipes be the only things that shine in your kitchen. Add a decorative glass backsplash to create an elegant look. Finish off your mini makeover by adding a decorative centerpiece of fresh-cut flowers in vibrant colors to fit the season.

Splurge: Update appliances and add a decorative backsplash

Budget: Add a festive centerpiece of seasonal flowers

The dining room

When dinner is served, you won’t want your guests shirking from the table. Instead, create a comfortable and inviting environment by adding textiles to your space. Invest in a few upholstered dining chairs with soft texture and pattern, or save money by covering your existing chairs with soft linen slipcovers. Top off your table with a nice tablecloth, runners and cloth napkins. Coordinate your fabrics to complement each other, and use festive colors like silver, gold, green, white and red to set a holiday tone.

Splurge: Invest in upholstered dining chairs

Budget: Use slipcovers to cover existing furniture

The guest room

Your guests need a place to get cozy each night, so make sure the guest room is amped up with style. Create a room with a luxurious feel with a fresh coat of paint and updated furniture. Or make simple updates to give your room a refreshing aesthetic that is fitting of the holiday. These updates include changing out bed linens, adding task lighting or filling a vase with fresh flowers.

Small touches will give this room that finishing touch. Create a coffee buffet on a serving tray with a coffee maker and a few mugs, or add a decorative basket filled with common household amenities. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a comfortable suite your guests can enjoy!

Splurge: Transform your room with new furniture and paint

Budget: Update the linens and add common household amenities.

The fireplace

Nothing spreads holiday cheer like a family gathering around the fireplace. If your surround is looking more drab than fab, it might be time for a face-lift. The first step for this project is evaluating the condition of your existing surround. Repair areas that show normal wear and tear, or give your mantel a fresh coat of paint.

Depending on the overall condition of the existing mantel, splurging on an updated surround may be the best option for a fresh, new look. Or keep your updates budget-friendly by adding a decorative mantel display with garland, candles and other festive items.

Splurge: Replace an outdated mantel with an updated model

Budget: Create a decorative mantel display with seasonal decor

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