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How to choose a bathroom design style

Choosing a style to decorate your home can be an intimidating task, but decorating a bathroom can be a really fun project! Here’s how to find your perfect design style for the bathroom.

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Start a design binder

As you go through the following suggestions to help find your design style, consider creating a design binder to help organize your ideas, thoughts and inspirations.

Explore your space

Take a walk around your home and really look at your home with a designer’s eye. What do you love about it? What items really stand out? What colors and motifs really speak to you? Consider gathering all of the items you love in one area and taking a picture of them for your design binder.

Explore your friends’ spaces

If you have a friend with a fabulous house, ask if you could take a peek around and snap a few photos.

Hit the bookstore

Take a trip to the bookstore and pick up a few design magazines. Take them home and dive into the pages. Really think about what spaces you love and add these to your design binder.

Scour the internet

There are hundreds of great design websites and blogs to explore. Remember, you don’t have to only find bathrooms that you love. If the style speaks to you, print it out and add it to your design binder.

Review your binder

Take a few days to really review your inspiration binder. Using a Post-it note or pen, make notes about the things you love in each of the images. Circle amazing patterns that speak to you, note what colors draw you in, and determine if you could live in a space like this. Toss any photos that are no longer speaking to you.

Make a list

After reviewing your binder, make a list of colors that you love, patterns that you must have and items that make you flip! You can also make a note of anything you absolutely do not like.

Identify styles

Once you know what you love and what speaks to you, take a minute to think about what styles these reflect. Do you like clean lines and very little clutter? You might enjoy a contemporary or minimalistic look. Are you a fan of worn edges and distressed elements? Consider looking up shabby chic styles and seeing if those speak to you. Or maybe you love a more traditional look — if so, research classic styles and traditional elements.

Narrow down colors

You can incorporate just a few or many colors into your bathroom design, but narrow it down to a couple of main colors.

Shop till you drop

Shop online and in store to find items for your bathroom that suit your styles and colors you have determined you love.

Break the rules

Remember that not everything has to fit your style exactly — sometimes eclectic designs turn out to be the most interesting. Bathrooms are small spaces, so don’t be afraid to use large patterns, loud colors and bold designs and make it your own unique and fabulous space.

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