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Electric cookware for everyday chefs

Gone are the days of laboriously preparing food followed by the tedious clean-up process. Electric cookware has made it easy for busy families to cook homemade meals on a tight schedule. From slow cookers to electric woks, there’s an electric cooking appliance that can cater to almost everyone’s needs.

electric skillet

Nonstick electric skillet

Look for one with a large nonstick cooking surface. Electric skillets are versatile enough to saute, braise or simmer meals to your heart’s delight. Some have a powerful 15,000 watts that quickly heat the skillet to 450 degrees and steadily maintain the selected temperature for consistent cooking results. The best part is that most skillets, with the temperature probe detached, are dishwasher-safe. Cooking and cleanup have never been simpler!

slow cooker

Slow cooker

Slow cookers are great for folks who are always on the go. Pop in your ingredients in the morning, turn on the slow cooker, adjust the settings and come home to a delicious homemade meal. Look for a cooker that holds a generous seven quarts, which is perfect for big families or making large quantities for many meals in a row. A lot of the newer slow cookers have a sensor system to monitor the temperature for accuracy and even cooking. Another popular feature are the timer settings allow that allow for worry-free cooking, switching from the cook setting to the warming setting once the cook cycle is done. Most ceramic crock inserts are detachable and dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is a breeze.

roaster oven

Electric roaster oven

If big game and large entrees intimidate you, this is the electric kitchen appliance for you! Most roaster ovens will accommodate, for example, turkeys up to 24 pounds. Cooking your entree in a roaster oven surrounds the food in steam, for moist and flavorful results that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Look for one that features a removable pan and an easy lift-out rack for simple presentation and cleanup. Double up your oven space and give an electric roaster oven a try.


Electric griddle

Electric griddles are a one-stop breakfast machine! Pancakes, eggs sunny-side up, sausage and bacon are easily cooked to perfection on a large griddle with a nonstick surface. Some electric griddles even feature a warming tray, letting you whip up more food in a single session. Look for one with multiple temperature settings and a detachable tray for easy cleanup. The best part about electric griddles is that they are relatively inexpensive and will get a lot of use — especially if you love breakfast!

Electric wok

Not enough stove space? Not to worry. With an electric wok you can save some burner space and stir-fry up some yummy goodness. Woks are great for cooking quickly while locking in nutrients, zesty flavors and crisp textures. Many electric woks have temperature control settings and goods one distribute heat evenly throughout the pan. The lid and the wok itself are dishwasher-safe; just detach the temperature control and voila, your work is done.

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