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The ultimate gifts for any DIYer

Do you have a DIYer in your life who loves nothing more than a day of sewing, scrapbooking or working with wood? It’s never easy to buy a gift for someone who can make almost anything they need. Here’s a few fabulous finds for the creative crafter in your life.

We all have that one friend or relative who can make just about anything. So what do you give to that creative crafter who will, no doubt, be making you something with painstaking perfection? We’ve compiled the most unique and most sought-after gifts for this holiday season to give you the perfect way to impress the DIYer in your life without having to make a thing!

Bottle and jar cutter

Bottle and jar cutter

Who knew that there were so many uses for all of those jars and bottles that you would normally discard or recycle? Gifting this amazing Armour Bottle and Jar Cutter will give your creative friend the perfect toy to play with year round. Bottles into vases, jars into cups, the list is endless with this cool tool. (Amazon, $35)

Electronic cutting tool

Electronic cutting tool

The Silhouette Cameo is every crafter’s dream machine. This all-in-one device can cut, draw, etch and carve any design on almost any surface. From creating your own cupcake wrappers to personalizing glasses, the Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit Bundle Cutter is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves to make everything themselves. (Amazon, $270)

Organizing system

Organizing system

Where there is a DIYer, there is a pile, a drawer or a room full of supplies. Give the gift of organization with the Akro-Mills hardware and craft cabinet. This sturdy system has drawer dividers molded into the back and comes in a variety of sizes. There are drawer sizes for all size of craft projects, great for a multi-medium DIYer! (Amazon, $28)

Cordless glue gun

Cordless glue gun

Could there be anything better than a cordless glue gun? How about one that is pink and lights up? There isn’t a DIYer out there who hasn’t wrestled with the cord to their glue gun and squinted over a detailed project. The Imaginisce I-Bond Cordless Glue Gun is the perfect answer to any crafter’s woes. (Amazon, $16)

Sealer sampler

Adjustable Dress Form

For the DIY-er who makes their own clothes, this dress form will be the perfect gift. This adjustable frame will have fashionistas even more excited to start their next project and get to sewing. Equipped with a hem guide and twelve adjustable dials this dress form is also made from foam backed fabric, which allows the DIY fashionista in your life to pin any adjustments with ease. (Amazon, $82)

Beer making kit

I can do that! Woodworking projects

Of course while every DIYer doesn’t necessarily make their own clothes and gift wrap, there are plenty of DIYers who like to work with wood. This book is perfect for the wood-worker in your life who likes to build things with their hands. Updated and expanded with more ideas this book is sure to be a favorite gift for that wood worker in your life. (Amazon, $10)

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