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The gift of clothes: Choosing items kids will like

Do you remember the childhood disappointment of realizing there were boring clothes inside your gifts when you shook them and heard nothing? Don’t let your clothing gifts disappoint this year — give items that are guaranteed to make the kids in your life smile.

boy unwrapping underwear scowl

Find out what they want

One of the best ways to give great clothing is to simply find out what they want. Grown-ups can be seriously out of the loop when it comes to what is cool to kids. Ask the child to give you a few options of cool items they wish they had. If you want to keep it a secret, ask a best friend what to give. Parents are probably not the best person to ask for older children, so stick to peers. For younger kids, a parent may know what has been catching the little one’s eye.

Add something extra

Any sweater or pair of pants will be amazing if there is something special that comes with it. Add a charm of their favorite cartoon character to a zipper, or put an action figure in the pocket of a shirt. Anything extra that shows you know what they like will make a simple gift of clothing extra special.

Personalize it

To make a gift of clothes really spark a smile, personalize it with a monogram of the child’s initials or name. A sporty shirt with the child’s last name is a great choice for the sports fan. Or add a name to a cute bathrobe or belt for a personal touch.

Learn about trending toys and movies

Keep tabs on what is trending in the child’s world. Clothing that depicts popular toys and movies is always a hit. If your little one loves princesses, find clothing that sparkles or includes pictures of her favorite movie princess. If your little guy is into cars or trucks, find items that have pictures of his favorite machine. If the tween in your life has a favorite celebrity or band, choose items that reflect his or her interest.

Skip the socks

Giving “needed” items like socks and underwear will only make the moms happy. Skip those items this year and give something that is a little over the top instead. If mom said no to the trendy shirt or pajamas that come with a superhero toy, take the opportunity to spoil the kids — just a little — and surprise them with the forbidden item.

Give two

No one is more important in the world of a child than his or her BFF. When giving clothes, why not give two of the same item? Give one for your child and a matching one for their friend. They will be excited to be able to give a gift themselves, and planning a day to wear their matching outfits at school will be something fun to look forward to.

Win the gift giver of the year award by taking on the clothing challenge. By following these simple tips, you are guaranteed a smile!

We want to know!

What was the best or worst item of clothing you received as a kid? Leave us a comment below.

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