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Accessories for the techno guy

Your tech-whiz may have all the devices he could ever want, but just in case he doesn’t we’ve come up with a few alternative options for techies who double as a workaholic or avid multi-tasker.

For the movie buff

Help the man in your life project his favorite movies, videos, pictures and web pages anywhere, anytime. Plugging in the 3.6″ Ipico to an iPod or iPhone is all that is needed to display a screen up to 50 inches wide! When synced with any wireless Bluetooth speaker, your man can display a screen on any flat surface (indoor and outdoor) with ease. (Amazon, $80)

For the multi-tasker

When the person you’re buying for does ten things at once, the most useful gift to present is a device that allows them to have all they need at the push of a button. the Nexus 7 tablet is the way to stay current. Long battery life the greatly compliments the high speed, portability and affordability of this well designed, powerful tablet. (Amazon, $220)

For the workaholic

More often than not, hard workers forget about their coffee long enough to let it cool to an undesirable lukewarm temperature. Prevent this from happening to you hardworking business man with a rechargeable USB-powered coffee/tea cup. The Automatic Coffee Cup Warmer by serviceUNO is an extremely useful yet simple gift that is sure to keep hot coffee at his fingertips. It is easy-to-operate, portable, and comes in a variety of colors. (Amazon, $16)

For the gamer

A universal, wireless gaming headset is just what the video game enthusiast needs. It’s hard to buy him a specific video game if you’re not sure what he already owns and which games he enjoys playing. This gaming accessory is a great way to show your interest in his hobby, without driving yourself crazy. The Afterglow Universal Wireless Headset is a noise-canceling, product that has audio depth and clarity of sound with a battery life of 10 hours on a single charge. (Amazon, $80)

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