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10 Gifts that pamper the important women in your life

Every woman enjoys a little pampering now and then. Okay, fine. We love a lot of pampering as often as possible. But we deserve it! We work hard every day to make everyone else’s life a little easier. So if you’re looking to pamper the special woman in your life, here are some great gifts to consider.


Wrap her in a robe

There’s nothing quite as comfortable as a soft, cozy robe. The simplest way to pamper any woman is to give her a great quality robe that she can wrap herself in every day. They’re especially important in these colder months. (Amazon, $25)

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Give her a day off

A woman’s work is never done. Take the initiative to give her a day off to pamper herself at her leisure. Instead of sending her off, leave her alone in the house to lounge in her comfy clothes. That’s all a girl really wants. (Amazon, $6)


A delicious dinner

Take the most important woman in your life to the best restaurant in town. Make a reservation at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try but never got around to and enjoy a meal together.


Shop for slippers

Any woman who walks around in cute shoes all day is also always walking around with aching feet. Pamper her with a pair of plush slippers to wear instead. You can match them to a robe or buy them separately in her favorite color. Either way she’ll thank you. (Amazon, $18)


Pack a picnic

Surprise her in the middle of the day by packing a picnic just for two. Make sure to find her favorite wine and drive her to the prettiest spot in town. If she doesn’t have much time to spare you can always use your own backyard or her office as a temporary picnic area.

Buy bath goodies

A great way to pamper your special woman is to draw her a serene bath. Stores like LUSH specialize in creating a tranquil bath experience and offer great products for her to use. Set everything up ahead of time with candles so all she has to do is lay back and relax. Find some great and affordable bath salts at Amazon. (Amazon, $7)


A fresh facial

Give her the gift of a fresh face with a relaxing facial at home. Products like Rose Face Mask from Fresh are available at Sephora work wonders on any woman’s face. As an added bonus the hydrating mask contains real rose petals!


Send her to a spa

If she’s not the DIY kind of woman, send her to a spa to have other people pamper her. You can give her a full day of services including facials and massages. She’ll come back feeling like a brand new woman.


Always accessorize

They don’t say diamonds are a girl’s best friend for nothing. You don’t have to buy something that extravagant, but the best way to pamper a woman is to buy her some beautiful jewelry. Personalize it with a thoughtful engraving for extra points.


Choose chocolate

Send the woman you love some sweet treats at work. Choose a variety of her favorites and send them to her throughout the day so she’s constantly reminded that you love her more every minute.

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