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What to buy for your manly man

Your man puts out fires, reaches high shelves and takes out the garbage — he’s a manly man, and that’s the way he likes it. But what do you, a ladies’ lady, buy him for the holidays?

face wash

Caveman care

A man may be manly, but that doesn’t make him a caveman. The Dove Men body care and face wash is a quality product for any guy. It gets them clean, smelling fresh, and keeps their skin clean and in check! (Amazon, $17)

bluegrass barrels

Barrels of love

We love our man more than we love shoes  — and that’s saying a lot! We know what would make him happy. Imagine how proud he’d be to enjoy a night with his friends smoking cigars and enjoying bourbon that he aged himself in his own personalized bourbon barrel. Bluegrass Barrels provides small barrels to use in aging spirits at home or as a display piece.


Sweet and spicy (just like your love!)

Some like it hot. Spoonable’s sweet, but spicy, chili caramel sauce hits the spot  — with a kick that’s made for a man (and possibly for him to share with his lady).


Style sense

A good pair of jeans and classic, authentic cowboy boots brings out the feral side in any specimen. Whether you’re looking for the perfect cowboy boot or long-lasting denim, these products are always a welcome addition under the tree for any man.


A touch of decadence

Even if your man is all testosterone and meat and potatoes, he may appreciate a delightful delicacy that will melt his steel heart and make him all hot for you. Truffles, a high priced fungus that grows underground on the roots of trees, are known for their aphrodisiac qualities. Is your man lukewarm for you? The taste of this mysterious delicacy will light his taste buds and his hormones on fire.

power tool

The power of love

This kind of gift can truly double as a 2 for 1. While your handy man will love having a new toy to play with, you will also have a house that is in top condition after he starts getting the hang of it! If you’re no too power tool savvy (I mean, who is?), then we recommend trying an multi-tool that is capable of getting several jobs done!

Nike fuel band

Fuel his fitness

The Nike Fuel band is a perfect gift for the guy who loves to stay in tip-top shape! With it, your man will be bale to track the intensity of his workouts, count his steps, and measure movements of all kinds! He will also be able to motivate or compete with other fitness friends with the Nike+ Groups that tracks the progress of many people at once! He’ll love to rock this bad boy on his wrist, and we’re sure you’ll love the results that will come from it when he has an even more rocking bod!

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