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7 Great holiday gifts for crafters, scrapbookers & more

If your friend is a serious crafter, it can be tempting to buy a gift card and call it a day. But if it’s the thought that counts, gift cards barely count! Instead of cheesing out this year, try getting one of these great gifts for the crafter in your life.

X-Acto Basic Knife Set

X-Acto Basic Knife Set

Every scrapbooker needs a set of quality X-Acto knives for precision custom shapes. This kit comes with three sizes of knives and 10 assorted additional blades in an attractive wooden chest. (Amazon, $24)

DIY Stitchable iPhone 4 & 4s Case

DIY Stitchable iPhone 4 & 4s Case

Let your crafty friend transform their iPhone into a testament to their favorite hobby. The perforated cover will let them cross-stitch their own design to decorate their gadget. They can design their own or use one of the design ideas that come with the kit. (Maker Shed,  $20)

PanaVise 350 Multi-Purpose Work Center

PanaVise 350 Multi-Purpose Work Center

The PanaVise is a multi-purpose workbench companion serious crafters will find invaluable. It has ribbed neoprene jaws and a low center of gravity, making it the ideal device for holding larger, heavier objects as wide as 9 inches. Since it can hold the craft in almost any position, it allows the crafter to position the craft in the perfect position for detail work. It even has six individual trays for keeping small craft supplies (like beads) in easy reach. (Amazon, $85)

Subversive Cross-Stitch Curses

Kiss Naturals: DIY Soap Making Kit

While soap by itself is certainly a great gift, this soap making kit will definitely make a splash for your DIY friend. Easy directions and customizable scent make this craft a perfect gift to your pal who likes to create things on their own. The soap, some scents and a heart shaped most come included. (Amazon, $15)

Mystery Box Kit

Dewalt 18 Volt Drill/Driver Kit

This power drill by Dewalt is a must get for the DIYers who have big projects at home. With its compact size, lightweight and cordless design, this power tool allows the home improver in your life to tackle those big projects with ease. It is always important to be able to use tools with comfort, it allows for safer, faster project times and a happy DIYer! (Amazon, $99)

Liberty Book of Home Sewing

Liberty Book of Home Sewing

Whether a beginner or a pro, the crafter in your life will love this beautifully illustrated book featuring 25 fun projects from the stylish Liberty textile brand. It includes patterns for feminine totes, aprons, pincushions, book covers, quilts, throws plush cushions and more. Each pattern comes with detailed step-by-step instructions, making it easy for anyone to design a stylish accessory for their home. (Amazon, $18)

Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love

If the crafter in your life has been looking for a way to use her hobby as a way to update her home, they’ll love this how-to guide by Sherry and John Petersik. In this book, the Petersiks give advice on how to paint, craft, update and how your house, all from personal experience. There are sections on different tips, tricks and ideas to help your friend as they unleash their crafting abilities onto their home. (Amazon, $19)

Crafter, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Creativity into a Successful Business

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