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Beauty gifts for the girl who has everything

Beauty girls are notorious product junkies, making it increasingly difficult to find them gifts they don’t already own! The concept: think outside the box — and make them love you even more.

For a long time, I’ve been buying a bulk of my beauty items at T.J.Maxx — between their amazing deals on flat irons, decorative soaps, hair products and more, it’s a great place to find value on my favorite items. But what do you get for the girl who already has all this stuff? Get ready to think outside of the box.

T3 Source Showerhead

Shower in style

The T3 Source Showerhead filter is crazy — we’re talking Brave New World crazy. Imagine a good hair day being determined by your shower head? The time has come: Thanks to a chemical filtration process known as “Redox,” this filter transforms chlorine into into mutated elements that can’t be absorbed by the hair — leading to better hair health and hair color retention!

Laird or Lady of Scotland!

Luck of the lady

We’re all about royalty — do you think we love Prince Harry only because he’s so darn adorable? One of the coolest gifts we’ve seen of late is to make your giftee the official Laird or Lady of Scotland!!

Refrigerated Beauty Drawers

Chill out

Beauty is all about being cool even ladies out there who have everything when it comes to beauty. This year, why not treat them and their beauty products to refrigerated luxury from Perlick? Remember when grandma would leave her lipstick in the fridge to keep it fresh? Well, these 15-inch Refrigerated Beauty Drawers bring grandma’s wisdom to the modern reality — and we’re impressed.

Asian Beauty Secrets

Beauty smarts

Reading is fundamental — especially when we’re learning new beauty tricks! Check out this new book called Asian Beauty Secrets. Dr. Marie Jhin is a very well respected dermatologist who taught at Stanford for more than a decade.

Swiss Emblem 0.6 liter bottle

Sparkling water

Glitter is everything, and as is appropriate for the festive season, SIGG is launching a limited-edition Swiss Emblem 0.6 liter bottle refined with Swarovski crystals. It’s brilliant Swissness in a limited edition quantity to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. The black drinking vessel made of high-quality aluminum gleams in timeless design and is an eye-catcher with Swarovski elements. The limited edition bottle is available from November 2012 in selected outlets and online for $40.

Cupron Cosmetic Pillowcase

Sleeping beauty

We can all use some beauty sleep, and the copper in the Cupron Cosmetic Pillowcase helps promote just that via increased growth of collagen and elastin. A study came out in this month’s Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology about the Cupron pillowcase showed that participants who received the pillowcase experienced an average of 10 percent reduction in their wrinkles. Nothing says love like fewer wrinkles!

Smart sense

This is therapy — and we’re not speaking of the office couch variety. Lifetherapy is a genius line of fragrances, body lotions and scrubs set to inspire a mood and a sense of being. Can’t afford a getaway this holiday? Their vacation variety may be your answer!

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