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Mane Event Mondays: How to get rid of dandruff

We’re partnering up with some of the hair industry’s top talents to bring you answers to your most pressing hair questions. Up today? Justine Piecuch, a stylist at Boston’s renowned Jeffrey Lyle Salon, is showing us how to get rid of the dreaded dandruff.

Your questions answered!
Woman with dandruff

Your question

“I can’t get rid of my dandruff! Help!”

Justine’s answer!

Unfortunately as hair stylists, we aren’t able to diagnose the actual problem due to the fact that we are not doctors. Most of the time we know what it is, but don’t have the ability to give you what you need. If you’ve been battling this for quite some time, I would highly recommend visiting your doctor and getting a recommendation on a dermatologist before you try anything yourself.

There are many pills and creams to treat the issue. If you go, and they say there’s nothing wrong and you actually don’t have clinical dandruff, try these following things to help a dry scalp. But please visit the doctor first!

  1. Shampoo less often to prevent a dry scalp (try every other day if you’re used to shampooing every day now) in the first place. Also, try to avoid hot water in the shower, as this can dry out your scalp even more.
  2. Over the counter dandruff products will not help you; they will actually make things worse. Ask your doctor for the right product to help you.
  3. You exfoliate your skin, and your scalp needs the same TLC! Brushing your scalp with a boar’s hair brush (not a round one!) can help a dry scalp.
  4. Your dry scalp could actually be a result of an allergic reaction to a product. To find out, lay off all products you’re using and slowly try to bring them back to your regimen to see if you notice a difference.
  5. A dry scalp can result from product buildup, so make sure you’re scrubbing your scalp well when shampooing to remove any product buildup. This usually occurs in the crown and the front of the head where people sometimes over distribute products.

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