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Gift ideas for the fabulous feline

For us true cat-lovers, they really are members of our families. So similarly to our children and other loved ones, we should treat our cats just as special this holiday season. Read on the find the best gifts for your favorite furry friend.

Feather cat toy

The Bird Toy

GoCat Feather Teaser is will literally have your cat jumping for joy this holiday season. As you spin the toy around, the feathers create a sound that resembles a flying bird. This toy is the next best thing to giving your cat a real-life bird to play with. (Amazon, $8)

Fun tunnel

Fun tunnel

A bored cat is not a happy cat, so add some excitement to your feline’s life with this ABO Gear Cat Fun Tunnel in jungle cat print. Perfect for a private snooze or playtime, the sprung steel-frame tunnel complete with two peep holes is a must-have for any curious kitty. (Amazon, $39)

Catnip Crumples

Catnip Crumples

Like scratch and sniff stickers but for cats, the Supercat Catnip Crumples will put your cat in a more playful mood with every scratch and fold. How do they work? The Nano Burst Technology releases bursts of catnip scent into the air, which means your kitty will be delightfully purring for the entire play session and beyond. (Amazon, $6)

Grumpy cat phone case

Grumpy Cat phone case

Although we may not like to admit it, about 90 percent of our pictures in our phones are of our cats. This Grumpy Cat iPhone case is the perfect present to make sure the cat-lover in your life can always have their phone (and pictures) protected. (Amazon, $7)

cat treats

Tasty treats

Spoil your cat by putting these Feline Greenies Dental Treats under the tree. These treats do not only serve as a crunchy snack, but also help clean your cat’s teeth by scraping off tartar and plaque. Get them a few different flavors, so they can pick out their favorite! (Amazon, $3 each)

Cat bed

Comfy cat bed

There are few things in this world that a cat enjoys doing more than sleeping. This ultra comfy bed is the perfect gift to let your kitty take the best cat nap ever. But don’t worry, these beds come in extra large sizes, so if you get jealous your cat’s new bed can buy one for yourself too. (Amazon, $24)

Yeowww! Catnip Toy

The Ultimate Catnip Toy

Yeowww! Catnip Toys are one of the ultimate treats that you can give your cat this holiday season. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from bananas to sardines. You should probably buy more than one, because although it is durable, your cat will surely become addicted to the high catnip content! (Amazon, $7)

Cat-a-day Calendar

Daily cat calendar

To give your cat lover an extra daily dose of furry love, give them this Bad Cat 2014 Page-A-Day Calendar. This humorous gift will brighten their morning with a new picture of a trouble-causing cat each day. (Amazon, $12)

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