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The ’90s are back: How to rock the trend

Sophia Banks-Coloma

Getting that awesome ’90s look is all about working in some of our favorite casual trends — chambray, crop tops, cut-offs — and giving them a modern day flair with the right pieces. You can channel your inner Daisy Duke with class and flair (really!) if you emphasize the cool, chic looks and don’t go overboard.


The key to rocking the ’90s look in our modern day fashion scene is to work in ’90s pieces, but not go all 10 Things I Hate About You overboard. Or, take hints from the runway and take those typical ’90s elements and make a full fashion statement with them — like this entirely chambray outfit from Balmain. The ’90s were all about casual, cool, grunge which may seem difficult to make chic, but by emphasizing the right styles, it’s not as hard as it sounds!

Chambray Pieces

Chambray pieces

Mix and match with other denim and chambray pieces or do a full chambray look! Chambray is a great fabric to create the grunge look because it naturally looks washed out and vintage — even when you buy it brand new!

Crop tops

In the ’90s, this meant taking your favorite cotton rock tee (which you obviously had to buy in an XL because all the smalls were ALWAYS sold out!) and cutting off the extra two feet of fabric to make a cute, wearable top. Now, thankfully we have our favorite brands making crop tops for us that fit perfectly! Pair with skinny jeans or leather pants and boots to make it a more modern look. Throw a jean jacket or a chambray or plaid button down over this to keep warm and still keep that ’90s flair.

Floral dresses and skirts

Floral dresses and skirts

Faded florals go hand in hand with ’90s fashion, and with all the prints popping up in the fashion world these days, we are more than happy to welcome back the feminine ’90s staple. Pair with a chic, shimmery, loose knit sweater and some layered jewelry for a ’90s-inspired, modern boho-chic look.

Cut off shorts

Cut-off shorts

Oh, cut-offs. How we love you so. The ’90s taught us how to save some serious cash and instead of throwing out our old ripped jeans, we just snipped off the legs and voila! New, fabulous cut-off shorts! If you’re not so keen on the DIY method, there are some great pre-cut cut-offs these days in all different colors and patterns. Wear with a pair of great wedges for long legs and a silk blouse to incorporate that ’90s flair to remain sophisticated and fashion forward.

Tie front shirts

Tie-front shirts

The ’90s were all about effortless fashion — literally. Your shirt was too big and shapeless? ’90s solution: Tie the front to give yourself a waist! We still love the idea of the tie-front shirt, so take your favorite silk blouse, chambray or plaid shirt and tie it up for a more laid-back, casual feel (sooo ’90s) while still looking super chic.

Plaid shirts

Plaid shirts

Plaid shirts scream ’90s garage band and we are all about it! Find one with a great color scheme to make your eyes pop and make sure it’s tailored so it gives you a nice silhouette and you aren’t swallowed up in the pattern!

Wedges / platforms


Remember that little British girl group the Spice Girls? Yeah? Us too. And we will forever be thanking them for making the platform a closet staple since the ’90s. Comfortable (for a heel!), fashionable and adds a few inches (yes!) — we love our platforms and will definitely be rocking them throughout the next millennium!

Rubber jellies

Rubber jellies

Remember when jellies were cool? We couldn’t live without them when we were in the ’90s, so it makes sense that this super squishy and comfortable footwear option would make a comeback!

Lace up oxfords

Lace up oxfords

Oxfords are the sophisticated version of flat sneakers, so if you need that extra bit of chicness to your look for a date or an interview, oxfords are the way to go!



The quintessential ‘90s sneaker! Simple, classic and comfortable, you can never go wrong with a pair of crisp white Keds. Plus, they go with anything and everything, giving that casual ’90s feel to any outfit you’re rocking.

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