An open letter to Ann Coulter

Oct 26, 2012 at 1:07 p.m. ET

Monday evening, Ann Coulter shocked the world of social media by using hurtful and demeaning language during her Twitter commentary of the presidential debate. Here is what one mother of a child with autism would like Ann to know.

Ann Coulter

Dear Ann Coulter,

Ann Coulter twitter screenshot

I am not a political writer. I do not engage in discussions of the Left or the Right on Twitter, Facebook or any other platform. No one has any clue whether I'm a Republican or a Democrat, which way I will be voting this fall or my stance on Iraq.

But I am a supporter of kindness, of treating people with respect and dignity and of never degrading one population to uplift another.

Last night I actually logged off Twitter to avoid all of the political banter, but I woke up this morning to the firestorm of outrage your ignorant words created. You brought out the ugliness in so many, some supporting you who I will no longer be able to look at the same but most in disbelief that you would use such words to promote your public persona.

The saddest part is this, the group of people you so terribly insulted? Most would never say an ill word back to you. My daughter is one in that group and not only would she not retaliate against your statement, but she would be the first person to give you a hug if she saw you upset by the backlash you have created. If you were so honored to have her friendship, she would be upset that you are upset, she would defend you without question and she would show you unprejudiced kindness.

If only you were lucky enough to know her.

I have the honor of being her mom and the responsibility to stick up for her when she cannot stick up for herself or is unaware that she has been so wronged. And I have to say I feel bad for you. You've never experienced the amazingness that is a child like mine, you've never watched the inspiration that is a Special Olympics competition or felt the pride I feel when my daughter accomplishes something that most take for granted.

Because if you did? Maybe a little bit of her beauty would have stopped the ugliness that came out of your mouth.


One Lucky Mom

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