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Dare to go there eye makeup

Every woman has suffered from having nothing to wear at some point. The problem is often not the clothes, but a sense of boredom with the way they present themselves. Creative makeup is a game-changer. Learn a few eye makeup tricks that will make you feel magazine-ready.

Gwen Stefani wearing dramatic eye makeup

You look in the mirror and sigh. You look good… you do. But it’s not the first time you’ve worn that dress, and “good” is not the same thing as “exciting.” Somehow, your glam factor is idling around the middle. Before you max out your credit card on a hot new dress at BCBG, ask yourself — are you giving hair and makeup equal weight?

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to amp up your look is to experiment with your makeup. Don’t be intimidated by the looks you see in magazines. Having a dramatic eye look in your arsenal is just as critical to your sexy factor as your stilettos. Really, what man is going to look at your feet first?

concealerTip #1 — Prep the eye area

That favorite eye shadow isn’t going to do you much good once the oil in your crease melts it away. A good primer will really do its job, and skipping the under-eye concealer is not an option. Urban Decay Primer Potion is a go-to for many makeup artists, and Palladio Herbal Eyeshadow Primer is also a solid option at a drugstore price.

Tip #2 — Find your Holy Grail eye colors

If you get this right, you can just about skip every other tip besides #1. You want something vivid, eye-catching and ultra-flattering to your skin tone. Take a trip to the department store and boldly lay out $15 to $20 for one or two colors. You don’t want a makeover for this. It should instantly feel sexy with just a single coat on your lids. If you love it, go for it. Maybe add some eyeliner and… voila!

Tip #3 — It’s all about the brush

Pulling off a tricky eye makeup look will be 10 times easier if your tools are easy to work with. A good liner brush, shadow brush and perhaps a crease brush are a fine start.

Tip #4 — Enroll in YouTube University

The internet has made it possible to learn just about anything for free, and makeup is no exception. Here is one of the best ways to learn about those magazine looks that just seem too complicated for the average girl to pull off. There are so many YouTube makeup stars that if you can’t find one you like, you aren’t really looking. Black eyeshadow is far less intimidating after a lesson like this one from Pixiwoo.

Tip #5 — Have a pajama party

One hour before you are due to leave the house is not the time to go for that three-shadow look you’ve been dying to try. Now is the time to call on your girlfriends for moral support and honest feedback. You probably have a friend whose makeup is always great and you’ve been dying to pick her brain. Lure the girls to your house with promises of martinis and manicures and tell them to bring their makeup bag.

Lonni Delane is a self-proclaimed girly girl. She loves all things beauty — wearing it, surrounding herself with it and creating it. She’s an avid crafter and beauty geek who loves to write about beauty, fashion, decor and weddings.

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