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Holiday shopping made easy with a registry

Oh no! The holiday season is here, along with all of the hassles that come with it. Not to sound like a Scrooge, but is there anyone who enjoys waiting in long lines, fighting for a parking space or racking their brains to find that perfect holiday gift for the boss’s wife? Well, you don’t have to anymore. Here’s why.

Woman Christmas shopping

The new Christmas wish list

Why can’t shopping for Christmas be more like buying a wedding gift? Bridal registries are so easy; you simply look up a list online of everything that the bride and groom want, and voila! There’s almost always something within your price range that you can choose. Not to mention the reassurance of knowing that you are purchasing the exact gift that the couple wants because they chose it themselves.

Well, times have changed. The good news is that gift registries are no longer just for weddings and baby showers. More and more individuals and families are going digital with their wish lists by creating holiday gift registries. It’s so simple, and best of all, it keeps you out of those long lines at the checkout counters.

Easier than pumpkin pie

So, how does it work? A holiday wish list can contain items from multiple outlets, as more and more stores continue to realize the benefit to customers. At, a holiday wish list is universal. You can add items from any store in the world on one list and share it via numerous social media platforms, e-cards or a simple link.

For those of you with kids, a holiday registry takes care of those awkward situation where you have to tell family members which specific items to buy. Also, it is a really fun experience to get together with your children and create the lists as a family. Your kids definitely know exactly what they want for the holidays and allowing them to make an online wish list is complete nirvana.

For those of you with a spouse or boyfriend who just can’t get it right in the gift department, here’s your chance to make it easy for them. Leaving a magazine open to a page showing your favorite handbag or shoes may be a nice subtle hint, but spelling it out on a wish list makes sure that you really get what you were hoping for.

Some naysayers might natter that it isn’t polite to ask for things and it’s not in the holiday spirit, but I say “nay” to them. It is exactly in the spirit of the season, and it is just like writing to a letter to Santa when we were children — just more high-tech version.

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