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How to create a candy cane nail design

This nail art is inspired by candy canes, a holiday favorite! We’re transferring the sweet (and sparkly) stripes onto nails for a festive and chic design.

How to… Get candy striped nails

Step 1: Gather supplies

I used the following materials for this tutorial:

  • Zoya Sarah
  • Sally Hansen White On
  • Zoya Kara
  • Small paintbrush
  • Tape (not pictured)
Candy cane nail supplies

Step 2: Apply a base coat

Begin with a white base coat and let dry.

candy cane base coat

Step 3: Apply tape to designate stripes

Using small strips of tape, diagonally section off two thick lines on each nail for the dark red color.

Apply tape for candy cane stripes

Step 4: Paint stripes

With tape securely pressed down on all parts, paint two coats of the dark red on top of the nails.

Paint candy cane stripes

Step 5: Remove tape

Let paint dry fully and gently peel off the tape. You can stop if you like the nails like this — continue on if you’d like to add more decoration.

Remove tape to show red stripes

Step 6: Add additional striping

With the small paintbrush, paint a thin pink line above each red line.

Paint extra stripes

Step 7: Apply a top coat

When everything is done, finish with a top coat and enjoy your holiday!

Finish the candy cane nail art

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