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How to do a chevron pattern with nail polish

Creating a geometric pattern on your nails can sometimes seem like quite the endeavor, but with these easy steps your days of complicated taping/painting techniques are over.

Chevron stripes

Step 1: Gather your supplies

The materials used for this chevron nail tutorial include:

  • Contrasting nail polishes: Nicole by OPI Mer-maid for Each Other and Julep Marisa
  • Zigzag craft scissors
  • Scotch tape

Gather supplies for chevron nails

Step 2: Start with a base coat

Start with a base coat of your lighter color — in this case, the metallic blue-green.

Base coat for chevron nails

Step 3: Paint the tape

Paint a strip of tape with the darker blue polish and let fully dry. (Letting it dry is important because if it’s still even a little bit wet, the scissors will smudge the paint when you cut it.) Do two to three painted tape strips depending on how thick you cut them.

Paint tape for chevron nails

Step 4: Cut the tape

Cut a thin piece of tape with the craft scissors. Make sure you cut in the same spot farther down the piece of tape so the zigzags match up. Cut the sides of each piece to fit your nail.

Cut the tape strips for Chevron nails

Step 5: Apply the stripes

I made my chevron points facing up toward the tip of my nail. Finish with top coat, and you’re good to go!

Chevron stripes

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