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How to easily add polka dots on your nails

There has never been a better time to rock nail art than right now, and what is a better pattern to try than a classic black-and-white polka dot? With a small nail that can be found in any household, you can save money on those expensive nail strips and do this chic design on your own.

polka dot nails

How to… Do dots and spots

Step 1: Choose the right colors and supplies

The colors and supplies used for this easy nail tutorial are OPI Black Onyx, Sally Hansen White On and several small nails.

Polka dot nail supplies

Step 2: Give it a good base

Start with a black base coat.

Black base coat

Step 3: Nail the look

Paint a small amount of white polish onto the head of the nail. You don’t want too much or the dot will be messy. Press this straight onto your nail, starting in the middle. Reapply polish to the nail for every dot. Stamp it onto your nail in other spots as shown to finish the design.

Use a nail for nail art

Step 4: Finish it off

Let it dry and finish with a top coat.

The finished polka dot nail

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