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Dirty talk: Why dirty hair is better

Do you wash your hair every day? We’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t. That’s right — it’s time to get dirty! Daily shampoo sessions aren’t always necessary and we have the scoop on why.

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Don’t wash your hair every day — here’s why:

It’ll be easier to style

If you’ve ever washed your hair prior to going to the salon to get an updo or another more formal look, you likely got a talking-to from the stylist. Freshly washed and dried hair isn’t nearly as easy to work with as hair that was washed a day or two ago. Squeaky clean hair can slip out of pins and is notorious for not cooperating. Even creating a braided or more intricate look at home will be a lot easier to manage if you do it on a day you haven’t washed your hair.

Your color will last longer

If you color your hair, whether it’s your whole head or just regular highlights, washing daily can dull your color and lead to more frequent trips to the salon. Keep your locks looking bright and freshly dyed by only washing every other day (or less if you can swing it). When you do wash your hair, do so with a shampoo formulated for color-treated hair so you ensure color doesn’t fade.

It’ll be healthier

The more you wash your hair, the more you’re stripping your strands of their natural oils. That’s right — too much time with the shampoo bottle can actually mean less-than-lustrous locks. Over-washing can actually dry hair out, which isn’t ideal. Keep your tresses healthy and looking their best by avoiding daily shampoo sessions.

You’ll save time

Washing and drying hair takes time — for those of us with long hair, a wash and blow dry session take a lot of time. By cutting back on styling time, you end up with more time to get ready, sleep in or even fit in a quick jog or trip to the gym (or just to linger over breakfast).

Quick tip

If the thought of skipping a few shampoos a week freaks you out, there are a few things you can do to make life between washes a bit easier. Invest in some dry shampoo to revive yesterday’s style and stock up on hair accessories to give your locks a new look on days you don’t wash your hair.

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