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Get out of your style comfort zone: 5 Ways to switch things up

It can be surprisingly easy to get into a style rut. We like what we like and end up buying and wearing variations of the same things year after year. While it is good to know what looks good on you, it can get boring never trying anything new. We’re here to help you expand your fashion comfort zone — and look good doing it.

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Try a new trend

Are your at-work and weekend outfits starting to look like uniforms? If you answered yes to those questions, it’s time to work some fresh trends into your look. While we’re not advocates of putting too much stock into fleeting fashion trends that come and go ultra-fast, it is important to keep your wardrobe current, especially if you’ve been gravitating toward the same type of outfits for years. This fall and winter, think about adding a pair of printed jeans, a leather (or faux leather) piece and something in this season’s must-have hue: oxblood.

Get inspired

Pushing past your style comfort zone can sometimes be as easy as looking for inspiration and then following up on whatever it is that caught your eye. Flip through your favorite fashion magazines, head to Pinterest to check out style-savvy pinners, take a peek through the closets of fashionable friends and pay attention to what people are wearing as you go about your day. See something you like? Jot it down and then go seek it out.

Add statement accessories

Don’t feel like getting too bold too soon? You don’t have to stray too far from your usual fashion mainstays to make a noticeable difference. Rather than cultivating a whole new look, you can push the style envelope with accessories. A pair of printed heels, a vibrant statement necklace or even a colorful scarf can make a huge impact on your outfit without you having to wear something you just don’t feel right in.

Embrace bold color

Color is a gal’s best friend when it comes to breaking down style barriers and doing something a little out of the ordinary. Love pencil skirts? Switch things up by buying one in forest green or plum. Live in denim on weekends? Trade your standard blue variety for something in red. The key is to take items you already love wearing but pick up a few in fun colors to breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Get a wardrobe consultation

Whether from a trusted friend, co-worker, your fashion plate sister or a professional, having someone help pick out clothes for you can be an eye-opening experience. We only see the items we’re used to wearing, but someone else will have a totally different perspective on what would look good on us. Try a few things on you might not normally wear. You might be surprised by how much you like them.

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