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3 Pumpkin beauty products to buy and 1 you can make

Pumpkins aren’t just for making pies or carving for decorations. Try incorporating pumpkin into your beauty routine!

Halloween beauty

the power
of pumpkin

Pumpkins aren’t just for making pies or carving for decorations. Try incorporating pumpkin into your beauty routine!

Pumpkin as a powerful ingredient in your beauty routine is definitely a treat, not a trick, for skin care. Most of us think about vegetables as healthy (and tasty) things to keep us well on the inside, but they can also be good for skin care.

Put your best self forward this season with a few great pumpkin beauty products, along with one that you can make at home!

Sonya Dakar Skincare – Enzyme Peeling CreamSonya Dakar Skincare –
Enzyme Peeling Cream

Price: $85

Some exfoliants can be harsh on your skin and leave small nicks that may lead to scarring or breakouts. Luckily, a more effective alternative can be found in this season’s most powerful ingredient: pumpkin. The enzymes in pumpkins act as powerful bioactives, exfoliating and dissolving dead and dull skin without the harsh rubbing and scrubbing of a traditional exfoliant.

Sonya Dakar Skincare, a favorite of celebs like Drew Barrymore and Fergie, has harnessed the power of the pumpkin in its Enzyme Peeling Cream, which uses pumpkin enzymes and cardamom to slough off dull and damaged skin cells and stimulate circulation. The result: an immediately smoother, more radiant complexion, all with zero irritation.

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The Soapbox Company - Pumpkin Cheesecake Lip BalmThe Soapbox Company –
Pumpkin Cheesecake Lip Balm

Price: $3

Pumpkin cheesecake can be a real diet-buster! Fortunately you can indulge in Pumpkin Cheesecake Lip Balm from The Soapbox Company without worrying about extra calories. Instead, this lip balm provides a sweet scent and natural ingredients to keep your lips soft and supple.

The ingredient list for this sweet treat includes avocado oil (which is also a natural light sunblock), cocoa butter, candelilla wax, shea butter and natural and essential oils.

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MyChelle Dermaceuticals – Creamy Pumpkin CleanserMyChelle Dermaceuticals –
Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser

Price: $10

This Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser facial wash works double duty: It washes away surface impurities and protects skin’s moisture balance. Not only is the product gluten-free and vegan-friendly, but it includes pumpkin in the ingredient list to help hydrate and refine the surface of your skin.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals products include the most potent natural ingredients Mother Nature has to offer in its pursuit of the highest quality plant extracts, plant stem cells and essences.

DIY pumpkin-egg white face mask


2 tablespoons organic pumpkin purée
1 egg white

Easy, DIY pumpkin mask

You might have all you need right in your own kitchen to easily whip together a moisturizing and toning mask. All you need is organic pumpkin purée (you can use canned, but be sure it’s not pie filling) and an egg white. The egg helps smooth and tone your skin while the pumpkin, full of vitamins A and C, helps to exfoliate and brighten your skin.

It might seem like you’re making a pumpkin treat to eat, but this one is definitely a treat for your face! Before applying the mask to your face, first test it on your inner arm, where you skin is more sensitive, to help ensure you can tolerate the ingredients. Wash your face to remove any dirt or makeup, and apply the mask starting from the chin and working your way up, avoiding your eyes.


Step 1

Add the egg white to a small bowl and whip with a whisk.



Step 2

Mix the pumpkin with the egg white and mix well until smooth.


Step 3

Pull your hair away from your face and apply the mixture to clean skin. The mask will be slightly runny.


Step 4

Find a spot where you can relax with the mask on your face for about 15 minutes.

Gently wash off the mask with warm water, either in the shower or with a soft cloth.

‘Tis the season to incorporate pumpkin into your skin care!

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