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Don’t hate us when you become totally addicted to these adorable pet blogs

Of all the millions of things to be obsessed with on the World Wide Web, pet blogs are by far our favorite. They teach us how to keep our own pets healthy and happy, raise awareness for animals in need and even have a fun giveaway every now and again. Most important, let’s not forget they’re usually filled with photos of squishy little faces that instantly have us talking in our high-pitched baby voices.

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In no particular order, these are the pet blogs we’re totally addicted to right meow.

1. Puppy Leaks

Image: Puppy Leaks/Twitter

Jen of Puppy Leaks is no joke when it comes to providing nifty tips for dog owners. From science and research to training tips and back to well-written opinion articles, there’s something for everyone on this blog. And Jen even has a super-helpful drop-down topics menu, so you don’t have to waste time skimming the blog for what you’re looking for.

Get started with some of Puppy Leaks’ most popular posts:

2. I Have Cat

Blogger Tamar is single, over 30 and has multiple cats — but she DGAF because she’s freaking fabulous. Tamar began the blog as a way to chronicle her life in NYC with her kitties, and it’s become her mission to dismantle the crazy cat lady stereotype. Obviously, I Have Cat is filled with humor, but the blog is also chock-full of sensible insight (like why it’s not such a good idea to give cats as presents) and functional tips (like where to find stylish cat furniture).

She even has a book now titled Shop Cats of New York, which features gorgeous photos of New York’s iconic felines and the stories behind them.

3. Goats of Anarchy

Leanne of Goats of Anarchy doesn’t have a traditional blog per se, but that’s because she’s way too busy rescuing baby goats with special needs. Her Instagram account is definitely a microblog, however, and we dare you not to fall in love with her menagerie of goats.

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Swing high Miles 😊

A post shared by Goats of Anarchy (@goatsofanarchy) on

Every day GOA educates us on the ups and downs of animal rescue and opens our eyes to just how cruel the world can be to our furry little friends. But believe us when we say there’s plenty of fun to be had with GOA too. The goats frequently wear onesies, sweaters and a duck costume — and these babies are so well taken care of that they happily (and hilariously) bounce all over their little goat kingdom.

You can learn more about GOA’s mission and where to donate here.

4. Rancho Relaxo

Like Goats of Anarchy, Rancho Relaxo isn’t a traditional blog, but their Instagram serves as a microblog about animal rescue (Caitlin of Rancho Relaxo is even friends with Leanne of GOA in real life!).

Rancho Relaxo rescues pretty much all types of farm animals, including goats, lambs, chickens, pigs and kittens — they even have a mini-horse and mini-donkey in their care. But we’ll issue a big warning here: You’ll experience a roller coaster of emotions while following Rancho Relaxo’s journey. Caitlin is blessed with the gift of beaming her spirit directly through the computer screen, and you’ll feel all of her highs and lows along with her as she feverishly works to make the world a better place, one animal at a time. She also was probably a creative director in a former life, because her carefully curated brand sucks you in and won’t let you go.

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Clarabelle & Ripley! Oh, and Chewie's booty. ❤

A post shared by Caitlin Cimini (@boochaces) on

You can donate to Rancho Relaxo here.

5. You Did What With Your Wiener?

OK, this one is a big win for the hilarious name alone — but the added bonus is that the blog is full of useful information about dogs and specializes in tips about adventuring with your best friend on hiking and road trips. Blogger Jessica aims to lift the veil on dangerous stereotypes about dogs, and she also provides tons of photos of her adorable dachshunds enjoying their lives in the great outdoors (hence the clever blog name).

Get started with You Did What With Your Wiener with some of their most popular posts:

6. Adventure Cats

If you thought taking little dogs on big adventures was amazing, wait until you get a load of Adventure Cats.

We normally think of cats mostly as house-dwellers, and the majority of us who have tried to put a harness on our kitty have failed miserably. But the felines of Adventure Cats have mastered leash training and are living life to the fullest — from mountain climbing in the glistening snow to canoeing through the waters of glassy lakes. The pictures truly have to be seen to be believed.

Adventure Cats’ blog dishes up tips on how you can successfully take your cat outdoors, but they also dole out info on everything from how to feed your cat a healthy diet to how to have a fun indoor adventure with your kitty.

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What are some of your favorite pet blogs right now?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Originally published October 2012. Updated January 2017.

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